What to watch on TV this week

SATURDAY - Referendum 2015 RTÉ One, 10am

Did they pass or not? This is the first of several live broadcasts today as the votes are counted in the two referenda, and the Carlow-Kilkenny Dáil by-election.

Shark RTÉ2, 7.55pm

If you miss this show on BBC earlier in the week, the Saturday evening slot on RTÉ is a handy option to catch an amazing series that’s already making a claim for wildlife programme of the year.

Britain’s Got Talent TV3, 8pm

After tonight’s performances, the show shifts up a gear from Monday with nightly semi-finals (see p68).

1864 BBC Four, 9pm

Episodes three and four of the Danish 19th century drama.


RTÉ2, 9.30pm

Steven Spielberg’s classic from 1975 is the first of two decent films on offer tonight on the network. It’s followed at 11.50pm by the 1982 horror Poltergiest, a film that has just been remade (see film reviews below).


Armada: 12 Days To Save England BBC Two, 9pm

The first episode in a new three-part series on the Spanish Armada, a momentous event in European history that had huge implications for Ireland. Even today, you’d wonder how different the course of Irish history would have been if the Spanish fleet had managed to overcome the forces of Queen Elizabeth I in 1588.

Would You Believe? The Nazarene RTÉ One, 11.50pm

Indonesia hit the international news recently when it executed 14 foreign drug traffickers. As we see from this documentary, originally broadcast in 2011, one of the leading campaigners against such executions is Dublin-born priest Charlie Burrows. A fascinating character who has largely managed to overcome the distrust of his status as ‘Nazerene’ in a mostly-Muslim country, we also see how he has managed to build up a huge business empire that has helped raise the living standards of many people through its work in such areas as construction, banking and education.


A Little Bit TV RTÉ One, 8pm

A repeat of the documentary on the career of Derek Davis is shown again in tribute to the recently-deceased broadcaster. A man of many talents, we see his early days as a reporter on the Troubles, and such other incarnations as a Big Tom impersonator on Hall’s Pictorial Weekly and co-hosting Live at Three.


BBC Two, 8pm

The nightly nature extravaganza returns for another run as Chris Packham and co film some of the changes and activities at this busy time.


CSI: Cyber RTÉ2, 9.55pm

This third CSI spin-off looks like becoming the standard-bearer for the show, following the news that the original is to finish later this year. Patricia Arquette leads the cast in a show inspired by the work of Irish cyber-psychologist Mary Aiken.

Later With Jools Holland BBC Two, 10.30pm

Muse play tracks from their new album, all- female group Sleater Kinney also make an appearance, as does the great Giorgio Moroder.

The Walking Dead RTÉ2, 10.50pm

Series five of the zombie drama picks up the action where we last left Rick and the other survivors when they seemed to trapped by a group of nasty hipsters at the faux-sanctuary of Terminus. In truth, season four wasn’t up to the previous series, but reports from the US suggest that this latest instalment is a return to form. As ever, it’s a pity such a quality show has been scheduled in this late a slot.


Neven Maguire: Home Chef RTÉ One, 8.30pm

When she’s not on the radio, RTÉ broadcaster Aine Lawlor loves spending time at her allotment in Wicklow. Neven Maguire visits her there, and also prepares rib-eye steak with the classic Argentinian meat sauce, chimichurri.

24 Hours in A&E Channel 4, 9pm

A new run of the documentary series set in St George’s A&E in London. We see dramatic footage from an injured motorcyclist, captured by his helmet-cam; and also encounter a 14-year-old who’s fallen out of a tree.

What to watch on TV this week


Born Naughty Channel 4, 8pm

You’d have to wonder if it’s of any benefit to a child for their difficult behaviour to be paraded before millions of TV viewers. Perhaps the expert advice provides solutions for hard-pressed parents. Tonight’s show features violent eight-year-old Charlie, excluded from mainstream school, and also known to the police after his mother called them to intervene.

Glee Sky 1, 9pm

It’s the sixth and final season of the singalong phenomenon. Tonight’s episode is entitled ‘Loser Like Me’ as it features Glee Club original Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) returning to New York after failing to make it as a TV presenter. Meanwhile, back at McKinley High, the new principal has disbanded the arts programme. We feel a song coming on...

The Legend Of Ron Burgundy RTÉ2, 10pm

Christina Applegate and Will Ferrell star in the 2004 comedy about a newsman struggling to adjust to the new world of female empowerment.

Seven Psychopaths Channel 4, 10pm

Despite the impressive cast of Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson, this comedy thriller from Martin McDonagh got fairly mixed reviews when it was released in 2012. Decide for yourself.


Gardener’s World BBC Two, 8.30pm

Fancy trying some kokedama? Apparently, it’s a practice that involves bonsai and hanging baskets, and Joe Swift meets an expert in it tonight.

The Late Late Show RTÉ One, 9.35pm

Ryan Tubridy brings another season of the ever-popular chat show to a close. The gripes remain the same about the format and the difficulty of finding interesting guests, but the host himself usually does a decent job, and positively shone for the all-important Toy Show.


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