When it’s already written in the stars

YOU’ve known each other since your first job. You’ve had nights out and days shopping, you’ve shared boyfriends and secrets.

It seemed such a good idea to plan a holiday together. You simply cannot wait...

Fast forward just a few days into the holiday and again you can’t wait — but this time it’s to get away from your now very definitely ex­best friend.

How come you’d never noticed before how she treated waiters and cleaners with such disdain? !!

Truth is, it’s been written in the stars all along.

My advice? Check the star sign of any potential holiday companion in advance.

Most people know their sun sign, but are they Fire, Earth, Air or Water?

Generally, Fire and Air can bring energy to one another (though remember, Air can blow Fire out!), and Earth needs Water in order to grow (but it can get water­logged).

Fire and Fire can cause a lot of sparks and enjoy a burning passion, but they can burn each other up.

When Earth is with Earth they can give each other support and strength, but they may find it difficult to get out of a rut.

Air with Air have lots to talk about and ideas to share, but they can be so detached you may not realise they’re together, while two Water Signs can flow happily together but, just as easily, drift apart from lack of commitment.

Take some well­known personalities such as Water Sign (Pisces) Jackie Healy Rae and Fire Sign (Sagittarius) Sinead O’Connor.

How would they fare as holiday partners?

Probably not all that well. Pisceans, ruled by Neptune, tend to hold their cards very close to their chest while Sagittarians keep everything on the surface and don’t care who knows about it. Sinead wouldn’t have the patience to waste time delving into Jackie’s deepest depths.

Born on March 20, Michael O’Leary is on the cusp of Water and Fire.

In theory he should be well suited to an Earth sign such as Marylou McDonald (May 1). However, his nature is more Arian, the ‘get up and go and get things done’ pioneer we all know him to be. And he doesn’t take any prisoners.

How long could he share time and space with a slow­to change, slow to express Taurean Earth sign?

Named after the hard­working but stuck­in­a­rut bull, a Taurean could still be on the runway when Michael O’Leary had already taken off to conquer even more pastures­anew.

Leo and Aquarius can often make a marriage made in heaven when they get together. They are opposite signs, and the old adage is that ‘opposites attract’ suits Fire (Leo) and Air (Aquarius).

Imagine Micheal Martin (August 1) and Joan Burton (February 1) spending a holiday together.

They’d find plenty in common to discuss, no doubt.

But would either have any understanding of the other or would they simply be blowing hot air?

As always, the results will be in each individual’s hands.

Fire, Earth, Air or Water, we each have the freedom of choice: do we project the positive aspects or the negative?

If you’re planning a holiday away with someone you’re just a little unsure of, perhaps it’s worth taking a good look at your joint astrological charts — just to be on the safe side.


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