Weekend loves: This week’s must do, see & buy

We were sceptical too. A plug in hairbrush that can do the frizz-free job of a straightener?

Kudos to Tori Keane for bringing the DAFNI brush to Ireland. Priced at €169.99 ( www.torikeane.com ), including free shipping in Ireland, the haircare tool was created by a 28-year-old mother of two in Israel. 

Today, she is one of Forbes 30-Under-30. It uses the most natural way of straightening hair, brushing it, with no time-consuming sectioning of the hair.

“It gives a more ‘blowdry straight’ kind of look rather than a limp flatness to the hair,” Tori says. 

And you know what? She’s right. Smooth hair in seconds. We are addicted.


Weekend loves: This week’s must do, see & buy

Another week, another celebrity picture craze. Not so long ago, Demi Moore, Adele, Geri Halliwell (above) and a host of other famous faces posted images of themselves with facial tissue masks. 

The white sheets may, at first glance, make you look like Hannibal Lecter — but on the plus side they are easy to apply (they won’t mess up your hair when you apply them) and they get results. 

New to the Irish market is Iroha Tissue Masks, €9.99 for 23ml of serum.


Weekend loves: This week’s must do, see & buy

It’s that time of year again. The September issues are out and the fashion gurus have spoken.

Want to know what you should be wearing this autumn? We’ve trawled the pages and done the hard work for you.

From Elle to Vogue, one key look is emerging: velvet. 

Really want to be on trend? Then go head to toe and pick up a suit in the fabric du jour.


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