Weekend loves: This week’s must do, see & buy

SEE THIS: A truly unique concept from artist Alan James Burns, he brings his new work, Entirely Hollow Aside From The Dark, to five caves across the country.

Beginning Thursday in Sligo, this is a psycho-acousticsound event in our natural, ancient auditoriums. An immersive installation, it promises a symphony of sound using the cave as a physical metaphor for the brain as the artist taps into our inner dialogue. 

Made in collaboration with sound editor Ian Dunphy and writer Sue Rainer, it reaches Lickhill Cave in Skibbereen on August 2, concluding in Fermanagh in September.

* alanjamesburns.com


Weekend loves: This week’s must do, see & buy

The Space Studies Programme continues at CIT, with participants from around the world tasked to build rockets. 

They’ll be launched tomorrow at 2pm at CIT Sports Ground and will be judged on altitude, payload, data capture, and design style. Open to the public, book tickets for the free event at here.


Weekend loves: This week’s must do, see & buy

Cities can be daunting destinations for parents travelling with kids. 

So kudos to the publishers behind the very practical Family London: Fun Days Out With Children From Tots To Teens. 

With the inside local track on the ultimate to do list for the city right on our door step, it’s a must any London-bound suitcase.


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