This much I know: Francis Brennan, Hotelier and TV personality

I’ve always been industrious, even as a child. I was a bit of a young entrepreneur. I had an ability with money. 

I never cost my parents a penny from the time I was 10 years old. I was always coming up with schemes. One of my earliest successes, when I was 11, was taking logs, sticking holly in them and selling them as Christmas table decorations.

‘When I’m not working’ is a bad phrase, in my book, because I really do work a lot and take on countless projects, but I never complain. I just get on with it. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from my father — ‘if you enlist, you have to soldier’.

I was born in Dublin and lived there for 27 years. I went straight to work in hospitality, doing the Jurys’ training programme when I left school, but then my father got very ill — he was only 53 — and I went back to run the family supermarket in Stepaside. We sold it, eventually, and I went to study in Cathal Brugha Street and then I moved to Kenmare.

I talk all the time now, so, sometimes, I love not talking. Once a year, I take a week’s holiday somewhere I can be silent. I’m off to Morocco, where I purposely picked a German hotel, because I don’t want to speak for a week.

I like the Trappist idea of no speech. I travelled thousands of kilometres doing signings and talking to promote my book, It’s The Little Things, in December, and now I need to get the mind back in order.

My light is never out until 2am. I’m up again at 7am. I can survive on five hours’ sleep.

I’m very disciplined. I can still fit into the sweater I wore for my confirmation. But, I watch what I eat like a hawk. When asked ‘would you like some cake?’ I’d say no ‘I don’t really need it.’

My main fault is impatience. I’m not into people wimping-out. If someone says they will do something and then does not follow through, I tend to jump up and do it myself.

I admire people who can delegate and then leave things alone. I don’t think it’s about control — I’m not aggressive, I don’t shout or roar. It’s just that I like everything to be right.

I like to dress appropriately for each occasion. I noticed that the altar boys were not properly dressed the other day — in my opinion, runners are not appropriate footwear on the altar — certainly not ones with flashing lights on the side.

I’m very organised. But I do hoard. There is a lot of clutter at home. I keep anything I think might come in handy in the future: tiny screws, magnets, little pieces of string. There are things in drawers that I haven’t touched for 40 years — but if your glasses break I will have the perfect screw with which to fix them.

I’m hardly ever home, though. I go on a marketing tour of the States from now until March, each year, and then the hotel opens and we’re flat-out for the rest of the season.

If I could be someone else for a day, I’d be Amelia Earhart. She was an adventurer, a pioneer.

My biggest challenge has been getting The Park through the recession. It was tough on five-star hotels. When your revenue drops 50%, that’s a challenge.

I am 100% happy. I have great faith. I always believe the man above will come through for me. I wouldn’t be one bit worried if I were to die in the morning. Faith, that is what life is about.

I ring my mother at 11.30pm each evening for a chat. She is 92.

I never had a notion of working in television. It happened by chance and I got a brand-new career at the age of 54, doing At Your Service with my brother, John.

If I wanted to, I could spend my entire time working in television at the moment — I’m asked to do so many things — but I have to turn most of them down.

Working with my brother, John, is no problem, we get on great, but we are very different. John is much more laid-back.

So far, life has taught me to be nice to people and spread a little kindness.

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