Online Lives: Travel writer Janet Newenham

Travel writer, Janet Newenham, shares her adventures on her blog,, and provides a variety of options for her readers.

“I mostly write about my solo travel adventures around the world, but my writing and travelling style have changed, as I’ve gotten older, and I now concentrate on a mix of luxury and adventure, rather than hardcore backpacking and budget travel.

“I love writing very detailed travel guides for my followers, as well as sharing the negative side of travel, whenever I have one of my regular travel disasters.”

Janet’s writing has earned her many followers, including 50,000 on Instagram.

“My biggest following would be on Instagram and it’s the platform I enjoy using the most,” she says.

“I especially enjoy sharing the behind-the-scenes action from my travels on Instagram stories — and love how i connect with so many people through that platform.

“My blog will always be my baby, though, and the people who engage with that regularly have been dedicated followers for up to eight years.”

Social media plays a huge role in Janet’s blogging.

“I probably use social media way too much, but the fact that I get paid to post on Instagram and Facebook means that I always have a good comeback, when people complain that I’m always online,” she said.

“When social media is a core part of your business, you really look at it in a whole new light. 

"I love interacting with my followers and fellow bloggers, many of whom have become my friends, and love that there is always equal levels of support and banter within the travel-blogging community. We’re a wild bunch!”

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Setting up her blog put Janet on a path to a life she always wanted.

“Without my blog and Instagram, I would be sat in an office in Cork, from 9 to 5, dreaming of the life I’m currently living, working four hours a day, and sipping coconuts on a beach in Bali.

“It was very difficult to get to the point where I was 100% financially stable from income from my blog alone.

“I struggled for over two years, travelling the world on a shoestring budget and terrified that I would not have any money left in my bank account by the end of the month.

“Failure was never an option, so no matter how bad things got, I would just work harder to make my dream a reality.

“Thankfully, it all paid off, in the end.”


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