Online Lives: Meet Grace Mongey, aka FacesByGrace

When Grace Mongey (FacesByGrace) started speaking more candidly on social media about some of the struggles she has faced, she saw her online following grow rapidly.

“As a blogger I share everything from fashion to beauty tips and lifestyle as well as more real life issues like all about my mental health, anxiety and everything that comes along with that,” she said.

“I started blogging and sharing my life back in 2011 but it really took off for me about two years ago when I began to focus on sharing a little less of the materialistic things and more of my real life and daily struggles.”

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It's taken me years to understand my anxiety and to face my demons and I'm still learning. We are human, we have flaws and we certainly aren't perfect! Accepting who you are and learning to love yourself is the biggest accomplishment and will make you a happier person. I've recently gone back to therapy and it's the best decision I've ever made. I think I'm going to make it a part of my life now. Just like getting my hair done and my nails done, checking in with my therapist and checking in with my mental health is part of my life. I think it's so important to speak to someone if your not feeling good and even when I feel good I enjoy therapy because it helps me understand myself and understand how people think. There's an article over on the and I'm talking about m struggles with my mental health. @deneezsmith you're amazing at what you do. She was able to put into words something that is sometimes so hard to explain to people. If you want to have a read of it it's linked in my insta stories. ✨💛 #LetsTalkMore #MentalHealth #Anxiety #PositiveMentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness

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The 29-year-old from Tallaght says she has been “blessed” to find success online in recent years, especially during her pregnancy.

“I have been blessed to make a career for myself out of doing something I love,” she said. “I had ‘TMI’ sessions and disclaimers on Snapchat where I would talk about things people don’t hear of a lot about pregnancy. I just wanted to normalise everything about how our body makes a baby. It’s a pretty amazing thing.”

Grace says she is on social media “from morning to night, 24/7” and loves Instagram and Snapchat.

“They have the biggest following which allows me to interact with my followers all of the time while creating great content and sharing my life. I find those loads of fun too.”

She believes that if you’re honest online then social media is almost like a modern version of reality TV, but more true to life.

“It’s a place to see real life and find inspiration. Like reality TV but even more real. It’s not all as perfect as portrayed sometimes. I just want to show the good and the bad as much as I can and stay true to myself. ”

Grace says online trolls can be difficult to deal with.

“One thing I still struggle with is learning to accept you’re never going to please everyone. I find it so hard to read nasty and mean things people write about me, as much as I try to ignore it all it’s just not in me to brush it off so easily. I take a lot of things to heart and can tend to dwell in things too much sometimes but I’ve a great support system around me and I’m getting better at dealing with it all of the time.”

Despite the challenges, she has no regrets.

“You make mistakes and learn from them and that’s totally normal. I’m really happy with how it’s gone so far and I’m enjoying every minute of it.”


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