Online Lives: Meet Gaeilgeoir and vegan Amy McColgan from

This week Denise O’Donoghue hears from Amy McColgan from Donegal, a blogger who is passionate about the Irish language and her vegan lifestyle.

Amy McColgan from Letterkenny, Co Donegal, is currently working as a project manager in Barcelona and on the side shares vegan food advice on her blog,

“I went vegan approximately four years ago and since then have been trying to educate friends and family on the benefits of a vegan diet. I blog about vegan food, vegan recipes, health, vegan and cruelty-free beauty and makeup products, sustainable fashion, living a sustainable and eco-friendly life.

“Basically, anything that involves being kind to planet earth, I write about.

“I also make videos to give a little insight into my vegan journey and to show a typical (or not-so-typical) life of an Irish vegan.”

In addition, Amy is passionate about the Irish language. “I used to make vlogs as Gaeilge to try and promote the Irish language through my channel but time is not in my favour and I haven’t been able to film any videos in Irish in a while. It’s definitely something I want to get back into though.”

Amy uses social media to spread her message in addition to her website.

“I use Instagram and Facebook daily to share news stories or recommendations on places to eat and drink as a vegan wherever I am in the world, or, just to connect with my followers and share my thoughts.

“I’ve learned so much through social media, it’s what led me to watch some of the most important documentaries of our time and what made me become vegan. I really believe that social media used in the right way is a fantastic tool for creating social change.

“I also use my blog and YouTube channel weekly to share a more comprehensive overview of something, whether it be a life update, a recent product I’ve been using, a recipe or a daily vlog.”

Amy says she enjoys “teaching people something they didn’t know before which could potentially change their life for the better.” She added it is animal welfare that spurs her on. “Every time someone tells me they’ve decided to stop eating meat or dairy that’s a victory for the animals. Animals don’t have a voice to defend themselves so that’s what keeps me going and inspires me,” she said.

In her eyes, blogging about these topics has given her life purpose.

“I feel like now I have a purpose in life — helping people help themselves through learning how to eat for health is really rewarding. The more people who know the benefits of a vegan lifestyle the better, so it’s such a positive thing to be able to spread this message.”


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