Online Lives: Meet fashion Snapchatter Rob Kenny

This week Denise O’Donoghue chats to Rob Kenny about fashion and social media

Fashion lover and Snapchat star Rob Kenny says social media has had more of an impact on his life than his time in college.

“My online presence has had a mammoth impact on my career. Arguably more so than my degrees. Because my day job is in Brand Communications and Advertising, a huge part of that realm today is focused on social media,” he said.

“I think possibly my online presence has accelerated my career quicker than others, and I am now the Brand Communications manager of the most highly regarded Creative Communications Agency in the country, Publicis Dublin.”

The former presenter and freelance journalist loves using Snapchat to mess around and entertain his followers.

“I use Snapchat 20 times more than any other social platform. So naturally where there is a lot more content there is a lot more growth. With Snapchat I feel the freedom to say and act however I want, look a holy show and not care. Where on other social platform, such as Instagram, I feel more protective to keep content stylised.

“I think people find this a bit more interesting due to my involvement with media, etc. But mostly it’s just me, or me and friends, and I know from the response I get that people find me ‘a bit gas’, which is brilliant. I love receiving messages and knowing that I have brightened up someone’s day a little bit. That feels amazing.”

Rob has found that his loved ones have also gained some fans, which they have not always enjoyed, so he tries to maintain a balance.

“You know what ,the most difficult part of it all is probably that my boyfriend hates being involved in any of it. He got swarmed in the Pavilions centre in Swords once, while on his lunch break, by a gang of teenage girls. And it terrified him how much these strangers knew about his life. Since then he hates being shown in any content.

“I do also love that he is not interested in any of it, he becomes my escape. However at the same time, sometimes I really just want to snap while around him, and that drives him crazy.”

Sitting at my desk in work but mentally I'm still doing this. #ooo

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Being true to himself online played a big part in Rob’s success.

“For anyone else looking to build an online presence - the most important advice I can give is to just be yourself. Trying to be someone else or appear a different way is really transparent and you won’t succeed that way.

“There is nothing to stop you but yourself.”


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