Online Lives: Meet beauty and body therapist Rachael Butler of

Rachael Butler, who works as a beauty and body therapist, shares advice on her blog,

The 31-year-old says her passion for life stems from some health challenges she faced in the past.

“I have overcome some health challenges in my life in recent years and I am delighted to have come out the other side. I am healthy and love the passion I have for life,” she said

These challenges are what inspired Rachael to set up her own beauty blog, advising others in similar situations about makeup and skincare.

“My main topic is beauty and makeup. I find that my audience is very interested in current trends in the beauty industry. I set up my blog as I was interested in helping others who were having health problems to feel better in regards to applying makeup and using products which would suit the skin.”

Rachael loves knowing she has helped someone else through her blog, even if it is only in a small way.

“My favourite thing about blogging is knowing that even if only one person reads my blog post and finds one little useful tip, that I have impacted their life, albeit in a very small way, but I have helped that person and that’s all I want to do.”

She finds her blog has been a great help to her career, putting her in touch with many new contacts and seeing her being nominated for awards.

“As a beauty and body therapist my blog has helped me in many ways through connecting me with brands and companies I would not necessarily have heard of. I have also been nominated for many awards which have a positive impact as you feel you are receiving some small recognition for your blog.”

Rachael says she sometimes struggles to find time for her blog day-to-day.

“The most difficult part for me is finding that balance between life and blogging. It’s a hobby and it’s not good when you feel guilty as you haven’t gotten around to posting an update or a blog post. Life has to be the most important part, but there should be a healthy balance between both.”

Meeting local bloggers in Waterford has been a great experience for Rachael.

“I love the Irish blogging community. For the most part, it is a lovely community to be part of. In Waterford, we have our own supportive group where we regularly host events.

“Myself along with two other Waterford bloggers recently hosted three events over the past two years for our bloggers to meet up and get to know one another.”


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