Online Lives: James Kavanagh

Grab the nearest person under the age of 35 and ask them who you should follow on Snapchat. More often than not, you’ll hear the name, James Kavanagh.

James has embraced the platform and his following is astronomical. He says he has “been online all my life”, but Snapchat changed everything.

“Snapchat came along and I gave it a bash and that’s when thousands of people started to follow me. I broadcast every waking moment of my life on Snapchat (JamesKSnaps)”, he said. “Snapchat is my number one, then Instagram. I adore Instagram.”

While he is present on most social platforms, he says YouTube is one creature that has always eluded him, and he feels he has missed out on some opportunities, as a result.

“I wish I had the patience for YouTube and was good at editing — that seems to be a whole other world of opportunity.”

James is passionate about food, and that interest evolved into the beginning of a company he runs with his other half, and they have ambitious plans for the next year.

“I co-run a catering company called Currabinny, with my boyfriend, William. We’re also writing a cookbook, at the moment, and hoping to open a cafe, next year,” he said.

This is all possible, James says, thanks to his success on social media.

“It enabled me to leave my 9-5 PR job and do this stuff full-time. My food business, Currabinny, 100% would not have grown this fast if it wasn’t for the following I (accidentally) built.”

He tries to use the platform to both entertain and inform his fans, focusing on “food mainly, travel, pranking William (me fella) and different causes. I’m mad to see the Eighth [Amendment] repealed, so I’m involved with some bits and bobs around that, which I’m usually seen harping on about.”

James believes anyone with a smartphone can, and should, make their voices heard online.

“I do see a massive uptake in people trying to make a name for themselves, which is brilliant. That’s what I adore about social media — everyone with a smartphone has an opportunity to make themselves heard.”

With success often comes criticism, and James says he has not been turned off by some of the vitriol online. In fact, he sees it as proof he’s on the right path.

“I do get the odd hate mail, but I feel if I wasn’t getting a dash of hate I’d be doing something wrong.”


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