Online Lives: Adam Coleman - Fashion and social issues blogger

Adam Coleman, 22, has been blogging for just over a year, writes Denise O’Donoghue

He enjoys writing about fashion, but it was his work on mental health issues that started him blogging.

“I fell ill with some mental health issues three years ago, and after leaving retail work in early 2016, I had gotten in touch with some mental health charities to do some volunteer work,” he said.

“Mental Health Ireland got in touch asking if I could add on to my story and have it published on their site. That’s where it all kicked off.”

The success of that online piece opened doors for Adam. “Within a couple weeks my story had been published across various media platforms both online and print and I had gotten my first blogging gig for a fashion brand in London.

“Continuing to work from home, I decided after a few months it was time to venture out to my own blogging platform and was born from there.”

Adam continues to act as a voice for mental health issues. “I have also continued my mental health work by joining as an official Ambassador and I am also a part of’s Youth Network.”

Adam, who is from Limerick, enjoys writing about fashion and social issues.

“I have always had a huge interest in men’s street fashion and of course my mental health work is what started it all. After trialling different ways, I decided to speak more from the heart on my website. My typical content will be a fashion shoot to keep that style element but the core content will be spoken on my mental health, general social issues, lifestyle topics and more.”

His blog gives Adam the opportunity to create original content that excites him.

“My highlights have definitely been the ability to just work creatively on a daily basis. I’m very fortunate with my creative control and that I have the ability to try new things every single day. I love that no two days are the same and being able to work in such a creative field definitely makes things much more enjoyable.”

While many people struggle to find their way on social media, Adam embraces the challenge.

“I have this saying that ‘social media is what you make it’, and I truly stand by that. I often hear from various people that social media is toxic in our generation, but I believe it can only be toxic if we use it that way. There’s so many of us that have really taken it on board and turned it into an amazing way to not only connect with people but to inspire and create art.”


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