Dee Woods and Marty Miller’s real-life radio gaga for on-air expectant couple

Dee Woods and Marty Miller work together on Dublin's Radio Nova. They have recently announced their pregnancy.

While Freddie Mercury was unlikely to have been referring to cooing infants when he belted out ‘Radio Ga Ga’, the term is certainly fitting for Ireland’s only on-air expectant couple. 

Speaking in this newspaper last year, Marty Miller and Dee Woods revealed what it is like to work with your partner. Now, the Radio Nova presenting team are set to become the only radio couple who not only live and work together, but also have a totally different production to look after.

After meeting at work in 2006, the would-be parents soon hit it off and, six years later, they got married. Having always planned a family, news of their impending arrival was delightedly received — both by the Dublin couple and their listeners.

“A family was always on the cards for us,” says Dee. “But before [becoming pregnant] the biggest surprise in our relationship was being asked to present a radio show together. This meant family life took a back seat for a while, but we’re nearly four years married so the timing seems right now.

“I’m fully aware people get pregnant every minute of the day all over the world and that while our news was majorly exciting for us, we didn’t expect the overwhelming response that we got from people we’ve never met. In fact, I was very conscious of not making too much a deal of it on air.

“Pregnancy can be a tough issue for many people, and while we’re overjoyed with our news, other people are struggling. But we were absolutely inundated with thousands of messages from listeners congratulating us, saying how happy they are with the news, giving pregnancy tips and even offers of babysitting. We were really blown away by that.”

Dee Woods and Marty Miller’s real-life radio gaga for on-air expectant couple

Marty is 42 and says he is more than ready to be starting a family.

“I always planned on being a dad but being asked to take up the reins of ‘Morning Glory’ together changed things and we needed to give that a couple of years to settle,” he says. “But with none of us getting any younger, especially me, being 40 plus we decided to get a wriggle on, so now it’s just great.

“Baba is due at the end of August, so I will take a few weeks off work when the little one arrives, to hopefully be of some use at home.” As first-time pregnancies goes, Dee’s seems to be going well and although she hasn’t had the chance to think about labour yet, she is open to advice from listeners.

“I’ve been really lucky so far with my pregnancy,” says the 34-year-old. “I didn’t suffer any morning sickness — which, let’s face it, would have been difficult with my 6am start on-air. Any nausea I experienced was in the evening time, no doubt a result of my upside-down body clock, thanks to the show.

“Mind you, at least these early starts are great practice for when the little one is in charge but, so far, the main way my life’s been affected is that I am eating even more than usual and taking epic naps after work.

“With regard to giving birth, in a weird way I’m kind of looking forward to it, just for the experience and of course because it means I’ll get to meet baby very soon after. But at the same time, I’m praying I don’t break the world record for longest hours in labour or give birth to a heavyweight. I’m hoping it’ll be a standard affair with minimal screaming. I haven’t discussed the details with my consultant yet, so I’m open to all suggestions of how to ease the pain.”


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