Cork children reveal what's on their Santa list

So what exactly do children want this Christmas? Kelly O’Brien spent the morning at Scoil Maria Assumpta — a warm and welcoming primary school nestled on the southside of Cork City — to find out.

Lydia O'Neill (left), Ali Di Massa (centre) and Grace Ward. Pics: Denis Minihane

Lola Maher, age 7

I want a chocolate machine for Christmas. It comes out with chocolate and you can make things with it. You put milk and sugar and stuff in it and you press a button and all the chocolate comes out. I want LOL dolls too. I love them. And an Our Generation Doll. I wrote a letter to Santa ages ago. I think he got it. But I don’t think I will get everything on the list. But I’ll get some.

For Christmas, me and my family watch a movie and we get hot chocolate to drink while we watch it and I get to wear my Chip pyjamas. He’s from Beauty and Beast. He’s really cute. He’s on my pyjamas. I open one present and then I don’t open the rest of them until after the Christmas dinner. We go for dinner with my nan. She lives really close. I have one brother, he’s older than me. He’s 14. I’m not friends with him because he never shares anything.

I did a little prank on him. I tied a lace by his door and he tripped over it. He got mad and shouted at me, but it was worth it. We leave stuff out for Santa. I’m leaving out a bottle of whiskey this year.

Lucy Kiely, age 6

I don’t know what I want for Christmas. Can I get a Baby Annabell shower? You can wash the baby in it. And a Barbie camper set. You can put up her tent and you can get marshmallows and roast them on the fire. And I want a surprise. And maybe some Shopkins. I have two sisters that are older than me. One is nine and one is 11.

They have new toys now so they gave me some of the old toys to play with. But my Christmas wish is that my Grandad was still alive. I wish he could come back to us. We had a Christmas present for him. It was a teddy. We put it on his grave. And I wish my cousin could stay with us for Christmas because they are gone back to the old house.

Brooke McCarthy (left), Lola Maher (centre) and Leah Cotter.

Leah Cotter, age 6

My Christmas wish is to see Christmas magic, like the sleigh or Santa coming down the chimney. I saw Santa in town earlier and I got to meet him. I forget what he said but he was nice. He gave me an early present but I opened it already.

It’s kind of like Guess Who but I’m waiting for my dad to set it up because it didn’t come with instructions. For Christmas I want heelies. I like that when you get tired you can flick out the wheels and then you don’t have to walk anywhere. It’s great.

In my house, my dad tries to trick me by putting books in a bag and getting paper and colouring it in black and rolling it up and making it look like coal. He hides presents nearly everywhere. It’s hard to find them. He pretends I’m not getting presents, just coal, but I really am getting presents. I come down before he can hide them all I think.

Ali Di Massa, age 5

I want a doll that swims and a buggy. It’s a buggy that comes with three things. The swim baby swims in the water — and she’s a baby. I saw it in the Smyth’s Toys book. I saw the Toy Show this year too and I like looking at the toys and at the singing and the dancing.

Last year, I was on the Toy Show. I was on with the Montfort. We had a great day and we got to play with all the toys. My Christmas wish is that all the poor people get presents this year for Christmas. I’d also love it to snow. I’ve never seen the snow before. I love Christmas. It’s fun.

From left - Grace O'Neill, Alisha Twohig, Amy Forde and Leah O'Regan-Stout

Kadi Diallo, age 7

I celebrate Eid instead of Christmas, it’s different. Me and my mam and dad wake up and we say ‘Happy Eid’. Eid is about how we fast for 39 days and when the fast is complete we have a celebration and we get lots of treats from people and we have a gathering and a barbeque and stuff.

Sometimes we go to my cousins house and have a barbeque because we have Eid twice – once when the fasting is finished and then there’s another Eid so everybody goes to Saudi Arabia and they walk around the house of God seven times, the Kaaba. And then when the Hajj is complete we have another Eid.

I’ve been teaching my classmates about Eid, but not that much. For me, for Eid, I go to the mosque in the morning and wear nice clothes and jewellery. We get treats for presents. What we do is we go to the mosque and we pray and we say Happy Eid to everybody.

But Happy Eid is actually Eid Mubarak and families meet up and have a nice day. We’re having Eid soon again.

Lydia O’Neill, age 6

I want a Generation Doll and a bike. They have different kinds of Generation Dolls. I want the red one with the necklace because my sister has that one. The bike that is perfect for me is the white and purple one. I’ve seen it. I asked Santy for it and he’s going to bring it for me. I like cycling. I have a bike but it’s gone too small for me. I still play on it but I need a bigger one because it hurts my bum.

My aunty is ordering a Jo Jo Siwa doll for me. I have a Christmas wish but it already came true. I wanted to see reindeers and then I saw them on my birthday on the first of December. For my birthday I got Steven the elf. He eats all of the cookies and all of the marshmallows and he squirted shaving foam all over my Christmas tree! He’s very cheeky.

Lillian English (left) and Holly Conlon

Freya Keegan Doody, age 5

I want toys. I like dolls. Maybe some Jo Jo dolls or LOLs. I like drawing too. I got cardboard yesterday for drawing. I colour in markers and crayons and biros. I asked Santa for a Doodle Dog for my birthday. You can decorate your own unicorn. My birthday is in May. My list is gone off but I don’t remember what was on it.

I saw Santa last week though. I went to see him in Santa’s Grotto. He was nice. It was his best, best friend who was there actually, not Santa, but I still got two lollipops and a present and I got to open it and it was a book.

And I went to McDonald’s too. I got presents this morning because my elf was lying down and he was eating my cereal the other day and a candy cane and spaghetti. He moves around. He’s in a different place every day. On Christmas Day we’re having dinner over at my Nanna’s and then I’ll play with my presents.

Leah O’Regan Stout, age 7

I want LOL dolls for Christmas. I want a keyboard as well because I love music. My dad is a singer and he teaches me the guitar. I have a medium sized guitar but my dad has a large one because he’s very tall. I want a Jo Jo doll too because she sings.

And a Christmas Jo Jo bow. I don’t know what it looks like but I want one. I saw lots of toys on the Late Late Toy Show this year but I never want to be on it.

I’d be too scared to go on TV. We go to my Nan’s house for Christmas. We live in Ballyphehane and she lives in Togher so it’s very close. We made her a Christmas cake. I hope it snows this Christmas. If it snowed right now I’d just jump out of the window and splat myself into the snow. Snow is my life.

Sophie Bridgeman Whitley (left), Nicole Browne (centre) and Daisy Morrissey

Lillian English, age 6

I want LOLs and Jo Jo dolls for Christmas. Jo Jo is great. I wrote out what I wanted and put it in a letter to Santa and sent it off. I think I’ll get everything. I went to see Santa earlier and I already got presents off him. I got this thing which is shaped like Christmas and you paint it.

I like to play with my brother and with my friend Grace. My brother is four and I’m six. I was six in August. We had a dog but I was allergic so I had to send him down to my granny and grandad’s house. But sometimes I see him out the window and I go down to play with him because I miss him.

But I see a cat sometimes and it’s called Sunflower but my friend calls it CoCo Chanel and we both love to play with her but we call her different names. But she keeps running away. I’m allergic to all animals but I really wish I wasn’t because I love them.

But my Christmas wish is for homeless people to get beds and for it to snow because it snowed over in England and I got very upset because it snowed in England but not here.

Alisha Twohig, age 7

What do I want for Christmas? I want a chocolate pen. You can use it to squirt chocolate on cupcakes and stuff. If I had it I would just squirt it in my mouth because I love chocolate so much.

I also want a Baby Wow. It’s like a doll that interacts with you. I already have the girl so I need to get the boy. Their names are Emma and Charlie. I like playing with dolls.

I don’t know what else I want. Maybe a surprise. On Christmas Day I always have Cornflakes for breakfast because Santa likes Cornflakes. I leave some out for him the night before and he eats it. I leave out some Coke too because he likes it. I can have Coke with my dinner when it’s Christmas. I normally leave out carrots or milk for Rudolf. He loves cookies too.

Stacey Dowling-Calnan, (left) Lola O'Connor (centre) and Jessica Salmina

Kelsey Sexton O’Sullivan, age 5

I want an LOL doll and I want a Generation Doll, a make up set, and a bike. I don’t know if Santa is going to bring me everything, but hopefully. I asked in a letter and I sent it to Santa but I can’t remember when I sent it. But I asked. I don’t have a Christmas wish but I hope that it snows so I can make a snowman and throw snowballs.

I like Christmas most because Santa comes and we see the reindeers and the elves come to the house. I have an elf and he’s always moving around the place and being bold.

Brooke McCarthy, age 7

I want Lego and Shopkins for Christmas, and a Generation Doll. I like all of them. I have one Generation Doll right now, Rosy, and I have a kitchen set and a laundry set and a motorbike. But I need more Generation Doll stuff.

I also want a surprise. I like surprises. I saw Santa yesterday, I went to see him. He gave me an art set as an early Christmas present. I like seeing my cousins and my family at Christmas. I want it to snow too. I want oceans of snow.

Holly Connolly, age 6

On Christmas, I would like a Jo Jo Doll, a wishing doll, LOL dolls, and a Shimmer and Shine dress up. I can share the Shimmer and Shine with my little sister. She’s four. Her birthday is close to Easter and my birthday is close to Christmas. She’s April and I’m December. Sometimes we fight a lot and sometimes we make up and say sorry.

She never really wants to play with my toys… she usually just plays with her toys because we like different things. I love Jo Jo. My wish is that homeless people will get homes on Christmas and nice cosy beds so they won’t get cold.

Leah Carew (left) and Kadi Diallo

Amy Forde, age 7

For Christmas, I want light up heelies. They’re fun. They look just like shoes but they have hidden wheels so suddenly they’re roller skates. My Christmas wish is for my family to all come together on Christmas day and we’ll eat and open presents and stay at my Nan’s.

I like Christmas because I get presents. I like snow but it never snows here. I’d like it if it snowed so I could make a snow angel and throw snow balls. It was my birthday last week. I had a party at Planet. It was fun. I got a guitar and I’m going to learn how to play.

Holly Galvin Buckley, age 6

I want loads of stuff. I want Lego. Just Lego. I like it. I have lots of it already. I want superhero dolls as well. I want the superheroes that fly. The girl superheroes. I want loads more stuff too. I want a surprise too. I asked Santa for all the stuff. The letter is gone already. I sent it early.

When my elves came after two days I sent it off and they got me a surprise of a colouring book because they knew I loved colouring. I have two colouring books at home that I love. My Christmas wish is that I can have a nice Christmas dinner with my family. On Christmas Day we go over to my nanny’s house because there might be some toys over there too because there might not be enough room in my house.

Last Christmas, there was a big unicorn over in the house. It was very big and my mommy put him up in my bed. He’s pink but his hair is purple.

Pupils in first and senior infants classes

Nicole Browne, age 5

For Christmas I’m getting roller skates, a bunk bed, an American doll, LOLs, and do you know like the dolls that look like real babies? I’m getting that. I like dolls. And I’m getting roller skates - and that’s all.

My Christmas wish is to play with all of my cousins and to have Christmas with my cousins. They live in the same country but they are far away. It’s a different road and different house.

On Christmas Day, I go to my cousin’s house or somewhere else. I like Christmas because like it’s fun to put up the Christmas tree and the elves go crazy around the house.

Stacey Dowling Calnan, age 7

I want a Sylvanian family for Christmas. They’re very fluffy. I saw them on the TV and on the Toy Show. I want the Toy Show every year. I get to stay up late for it. Until midnight.

But I already know what I want by the time the Toy Show is on. But I only sent my letter to Santa last week. But I know he got it already. Every weekend before Christmas we go into the city to see all the lights and go on the big wheel.

I went up it. It’s very high but it’s not that scary. I liked it. I like Christmas and that the whole family comes together for it. I go to my nans on Christmas day and I eat a lot of food and chocolate.

Holly Connolly (left) and Annalise Lehane

Casey Wallace, age 6

Maybe I could get a Hatchimal for Christmas. That’s all I want. And maybe a surprise. My Christmas wish is that poor people have a good Christmas.

I don’t want them to have a bad Christmas, I want them to have a very nice Christmas with their families and with a big Christmas dinner. I always go to my granny’s and she makes a big Christmas dinner. I want a happy Christmas for my family.

Erica Bridgeman, age 6

I forgot what I wanted for Christmas. I sent a letter to Santa but I can’t remember what was in it. Maybe I could get an LOL doll.

Annalise Lehane, age 6

I want a TV for Christmas. I want to watch cartoons on it. I want a teddy as well. It’s a glow up teddy. It has batteries. I asked Santa for it and I’ve been good so I think I will get it.

I also want a surprise. I like surprises. I get one every Christmas and it’s always the best part. I have a dog as well and for Christmas I want her to get some presents.

She’s a big dog and I play with her all the time so I want her to have a present. My Christmas wish is for homeless people to have homes. I want them to have homes because it’s wet outside and it might snow.

Amy O'Brien (left), Katie O'Neill (centre) and Jodie Carroll

Brigita Bogdana, age 6

I’m from Croatia and I got here in April so I hope Santa knows where I am. I want him to bring me things for cooking for lunch times so I can cook. I want a play cooker. I like Christmas. You get to meet Santa. On Christmas, I eat beef. And I leave cookies and milk for Santa to eat.

Grace Ward, age 6

I would like some LOLs and one of them Hatchimals. Do you know that rabbit with the glittery wings? I have that one already, she’s so cute, so I want other Hatchimals now. And the LOL dolls, they’re like little balls and there are dolls inside and little accessories for them. You get a big sister, a small sister, and an animal but they’re all in different balls.

I’m not sure what else I want for Christmas. I’m still thinking. But I would like a surprise. My Christmas wish is that my cousins have a merry Christmas and the think I love about Christmas is that you have the crackers because I always win them.

I like when we get to open the presents. My cousins live in Derry. I used to live in Derry but now I live here. It’s the other side of the country. But I still visit. It snows hundreds up in Derry but not so much down here.

Charlotte Barry Carder, age 5

I want Lego Friends and a Barbie styling head. You can do things with the hair. I do things with my own hair but sometimes if it gets too hard then my mom helps me with it. I want a Flicker too for Christmas. It’s kind of like a scooter. It’s really fun.

My sister used to let me use her one but now she won’t let me use it any more so I’m going to ask for my own one. My sister is 11. We have a boy dog too, his name is Bow. He’s only one so he’s still a puppy. He always licks me on the face when I’m trying to get out of bed because he sleeps with me. He’s a springer spaniel. He’s chocolately brown.

My Christmas wish is for everybody, and all the poor and homeless people, to have a nice Christmas. The homeless people have no homes so they need to have a good Christmas. I also want it to snow. Me and my sister are dying for it to snow! It’s snowing in England right now.

Erica Bridgeman (left), Lena Matuszak (centre) and Katie McCormack

Daisy Morrissey, age 6

My mom did my hair for me today, I really like it. For Christmas I want toys. And a surprise. And maybe a unicorn. A real one. I don’t know if I want it to snow or not. But I do like snow. I love Christmas.

Sophie Bridgeman Whitley, age 6

I want two dolls that are called Shimmer and Shine. I want a make up set and I want a table where there’s a stool so I can do my make up. And I want a doll styling head and some surprises.

I like playing with hair and make up. It’s fun. My Christmas wish is that my family has a nice Christmas and that they’re happy. I like Christmas because it’s fun and you get to do family stuff with your family. On Christmas Day we go to my Nan’s.

First we open the presents and then we go to my Nan’s where we’ll have roast dinner and then we’ll probably stay there for a little while and maybe when I come home if there’s snow I might play in it and throw snowballs and build a snowman.

Jessica Salmina, age 7

I want Lego. Any type of Lego. I have a lot of Lego already, I like it, I like building the things. I also want a surprise for Christmas. I don’t mind.

On Christmas Day we eat first and we have lovely food and then we open our presents. We eat chicken and chips and we have water and coke and orange juice and apple juice. I like opening the presents. I like Christmas. It’s fun.

Jodie Carroll, age 6

I wish my Nana could come to ours for Christmas dinner. She’s at her house but she doesn’t live that far away. So maybe she can come. For Christmas I’m going to get roller skate shoes like heelies and I’m gonna get a Barbie wedding set and I’m getting a mermaid costume.

I love mermaids and I have a mermaid game. I like candy cane’s and for dessert we have ice cream and chocolate cake.

Freya Keegan Doody (left), Kelsey Sexton O'Sullivan (centre) and Charlotte Barry Carder

Amy O’Brien, age 6

I want kids make up for Chirstmas. I like make up because it has lots of colours and because it has lipstick and rainbow stuff. It’s for you face and some is for your eyes. I also want to get a telescope for Christmas. Then you can look up into the sky and see the stars and the moon and they move.

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have food for Christmas. Like the poor people and the homeless people. I like Christmas because I get presents and we can go for food in McDonald’s. And I want it to snow so that I can throw snowballs.

Lena Matuszak, age 5

For Christmas, I want a big LOL doll. They’re really fun. I always wish for them. I have just one LOL and it’s small. I also want a big Hatchimal and I want a big Life of Pets.

My Christmas wish is I want my family to have a really nice Christmas dinner. On Christmas Day, I get to open presents. That’s my favourite thing. I have family in Poland and I hope they have a nice Christmas too. I miss Poland but I can go there on holiday.

Holly Conlan, age 6

Heelies! I want heelies for Christmas. They’re like roller skates only they’re shoes. I want them because I like them. I saw someone else with them and I wanted them.

I also want a Poppy costume. Poppy is a troll in a programme, and I want to dress up like Poppy. My Christmas wish is to give money to all the people who need money. I want people to have money so they can buy things. I like Christmas because I get presents and I get sweets.

Grace O’Neill, age 7

I want a My Little Pony for Christmas, and a doll, and a surprise. I want an Enchantimal doll. It’s a doll that’s like an animal and it comes with a pet. I saw it in Wilton. And on the Toy Show.

I watch the Toy Show every year. I like all of it. On Christmas Eve I go to mass and on Christmas Day I go to the tree and open presents and I meet my cousins. They live in Riverstick. We have a big dinner. I like Christmas. I like everything about it. And I hope it snows. If it snowed right now I’d go out and make a snowman.

From left - Casey Wallace, Lucy Kiely, Holly Galvin Buckley and Brigita Bogdana

Katie McCormack, age 6

I would like an Our Generation Doll for Christmas because I love dolls. I have lots of dolls. I have eight dolls in total. But none of them is a Generation Doll. I would also like a painting set.

I like painting and drawing. I have colouring sheets at home. If I can have something else I would like LOL dolls. My Christmas wish is to spend time with my family. I like Christmas because I like getting presents.

On Christmas Day, I wake up at half past one in the morning and I wake up my mom and my dad and then I go downstairs and open up my presents. But Santa also doesn’t know exactly where I live so he brings some presents to my house and the other half he brings to my nan’s house and I get those presents when we visit my nan’s on Christmas Day.

Katie O’Neill, age 6

I want for my family to have a really nice Christmas and to have a very good Christmas dinner. For toys, I think I would like some surprises and Wobbly Worm. It’s something that wobbles and you have to try and get the hoops on it. I had an early present though because I got a new baby sister last week.

It’s my first sister. I like Christmas because you get toys and sometimes when you get toys and it’s your favourite toy you get to play with it.

Lola O’Connor, age 7

I want to get Sylvanians for Christmas, and a remote control car, and an art book, tiny designs, and a surprise. I asked Santa for all that but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

But he is coming to our school soon so I will ask him about it then. On Christmas Day we wake up and open the presents and then we watch Polar Express.

My grandparents send us a package every year and this year they sent us a big package and right now I’m wearing the T-shirt that was in it, see? It has an owl on it, and it says ‘You’re a hoot’! They send the package from America. They live there.

They send cookies and pop tarts and they sent me a Barbie. I haven’t ever visited them there but I’d like to. I have another Christmas tradition too. We have this big star shaped calendar and there are chocolates in it, and we open one every day. But before we open one, we read an advent story.

Leah Carew, age 7

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have fun for Christmas. For, like, poor people.

And because Christmas is a fun time and a holy time of the year and so I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. Me and my family go to my nanny’s house for Christmas. We have food over there. I hope I get Hatchimals for Christmas, they’re really cool.

I have Hatchimals collectables but now I want different ones. I don’t mind which ones. I also want Animal Jam. It’s a kind of toy that’s kind of like Hatchimals but they come in little houses or igloos and if you unlock the code you can get the animals.

I like Christmas. I like decorating the tree. We always put up the tree the day before Christmas or on Christmas Day. The reason we do that is because it might get in our way if we’re trying to walk so we don’t put it up earlier. I want a puppy, a fish, or a bird.

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