Tried and tested: St. Tropez's bronzing face mask

Can a face mask really give you a speed facial and tan? Lisa Haynes tests St.Tropez’s latest tannovation...

“My name’s Lisa and I’m a tanoholic. Each and every towel in my house is purposefully black, thanks to my self-tan habit, and I’m rarely without some sort of glow (real or fake). 

"So when tan gurus St.Tropez launched the revolutionary Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask this month, I was eager to see if I could achieve speed bronzing with skin benefits before an event.

“It feels just like a normal sheet mask that’s soaked in serum. The only difference is that once you’ve placed it over your face, you need to wash your hands to avoid tell-tale palms. 

"It’s advised you leave the mask on for five minutes for a light glow, 10 minutes for medium, and 15 minutes to go dark.

“I resist my dark urges and play it safe with 10 minutes. Afterwards, any excess serum (and there is a lot) needs to be rubbed around the eyes, hairline and neck for even results, followed by another all-important hand wash. 

"It takes another 20 minutes or so for the product to absorb but I’m left with a light, instant glow. Also of note: No smell whatsoever.

“The tan continues to develop over eight hours so the real surprise is in the morning... I wake up with an even, natural colour but my face is glowing as if I’ve just stepped out of a spa. 

"At the equivalent of €9.50 per mask, this isn’t cheap, but it’s tanning with skincare benefits. Just don’t forget that double hand wash.”

St.Tropez Self Tan Express Face, €19 for pack of two, Boots. 


We all love a multitasking beauty product, don’t we? 

Tried and tested: St. Tropez's bronzing face mask

Well the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection from Urban Decay takes that concept one step further. 

Not only are the artist-inspired shades within the three palettes richly pigmented and long-lasting, each canvas-covered box doubles as an artwork, complete with a hook on the back so you can hang your mini make-up masterpiece on the wall.

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Tenant Eyeshadow Palette, €42, Debenhams 


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