Tried and tested: Shower cream

Lush says its Prince Charming, Shower Cream, €7.45, will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and ‘smelling lovely’.

As a Valentine’s Day product, it sounds like the search for my handsome rinse had ended. 

On first impressions, you cannot shy away from the fact that shower cream itself is neon pink and not something you would ever willingly put on your body. But don’t let that put you off. 

Containing marshmallow root, vanilla pod infusion and fresh pomegranate juice, the cream is thicker than your average LUSH product and more creamy than the company’s usual gels. 

It lathers well and with the introduction of cocoa butter it leaves the skin feeling moisturised. 

On first sniff, I couldn’t detect the vanilla fragrance or marshmallow. To me, smells like a strawberry- flavoured starburst, which I’m not complaining about. 

The scent lingers on your skin (and bathroom) for a few hours post-shower, so you would really want to like it.

The scent of the Love Spells Massage Bar, €8.25, is a lot softer and more subtle but it still holds a floral rose element, making it somewhat flirty and romantic.

The combination of fair trade organic cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera gel leaves your skin feeling silky smooth for hours after use. 

Once applied to the skin it sinks in slowly — if rushed and not rubbed in correctly it may lead to the skin feeling greasy.

The beautiful shade of baby pink and its heart design makes it the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day pamper package.


Fans of the excellent No7 beauty range can cash in with the latest Boots offer. A selected number of products are available in a ‘buy one get at half price’ deal. 

We’re heading out at lunchtime to snap up two must-haves: No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation and No7 Smoky Powder Eyeliner.


It’s nigh on impossible to find a lip colour that’s moisturising AND gives high-impact pigment payoff, but it looks like lip balm experts Burt’s Bees have cracked it. 

The new all-natural lipsticks come in 18 silky shades from pinky Iced Iris to deep Orchid Ocean, plus lots of neutrals ideal for everyday wear.

* Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash, €18 


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