Tried and tested: New device promises younger looking skin

Laura Wurzel tries a new device that promises younger-looking skin in just five minutes a day...

NuFace Mini Facial Toner

“My face felt saggy and loose after the long winter, so I was keen to give this hand-held facial-firming device a go. After cleansing as instructed, I liberally apply the primer which comes with the set — it’s specifically designed to conduct microcurrents (which help stimulate and tone the face), and enables the two little metal spheres on the device to glide easily across skin.

"Next, following the instructions, I hold the NuFace against my cheek and let it get to work.

"After five seconds, it beeps to let me know it’s time to move it to another area. I do my neck, jaw, cheeks, and forehead then repeat this process three times, which takes just five minutes a day, as promised.

"Despite the slightly daunting- sounding microcurrents, it doesn’t hurt; in fact there’s no tingling or vibrating at all. I don’t notice any immediate results, but after a fortnight, my face looks and feels firmer. It’s a pleasing reward for relatively little effort — I’ll definitely be keeping up the routine!”


NuFace Mini Facial Toner, €250 (, free p&p)


Following the return to screens of curly-haired babe Kit Harington, aka Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, could we be about to witness the resurgence of perms for men? Johanne Herald, volume expert at Charles Worthington Salons, thinks so.

“I have definitely been getting more enquiries recently for male perming,” she reveals. “It only takes an hour, and will be done so that all the curls fall in the same direction — not like the crazy perms of the 80s!” So that’s a relief.


Having your own bespoke lipstick made costs a fortune, but now fashion app ASAP54 brings you the next best thing. The search engine has expanded into the beauty sector, so now you can use it to take a photo of something - a perfectly pink raspberry, for example - and it will show you all the make-up products available that most closely match that colour (


Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic is beloved of models and make-up artists for its exfoliating and brightening properties. Now you can glow on the go with Glow Tonic To-Go pads, €25.20 for 60 pads, each soaked with the perfect dose of glycolic-infused liquid

(available in July;


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