Three ways to get flawless skin for your wedding day, plus how to pick a makeup artist

Bridal beauty starts with great skin and while you might experiment with retinoids, peels, and even radiotherapy at home, a well-hydrated, glowing face tends to photograph best. Here are three fabulous ways to get it.
Three ways to get flawless skin for your wedding day, plus how to pick a makeup artist

Brides-to-be can spend hundreds on products that promise much but don’t deliver.

Skin Coaching with Ciara Darcy

Brides are about 80% of Ciara Darcy’s client base and she has grown her business largely through word of mouth, though the skin transformations posted on her socials speak for themselves. “I’m honoured to be a small part of the big day and I do notice that people get very focused on a good AM and PM routine when they have a date to work towards.”

Lack of skincare marketing regulation means brides-to-be (and everyone else) can spend hundreds on products that promise much but don’t deliver. Ciara simplifies your life with a thorough consultation followed by home delivery of a bespoke AM and PM routine, with treatments added if necessary. New ingredients are introduced slowly, and clients are encouraged to monitor lifestyle and environmental triggers that may slow their journey towards fantastic skin.

Perhaps the best result of this service is longevity: it can ensure a healthier, more skin-confident you for years to come if you persist with your pre-wedding behaviour. Ciara’s reviews highlight multi-faceted makeovers. One bride’s intended had never seen her without makeup before she was coached, while another was so impressed with her experience that she changed careers to follow in Ms Darcy’s footsteps.

Personal or online consultation with Ciara Darcy Skin Coach, €100 for 30mins,

Mesotherapy with Eavanna Breen

Mesotherapy is one of the few injectable treatments with research that spans more than half a century, though it has evolved a lot since the 50s. Irish skincare expert, Eavanna Breen, founder of Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic in Dublin, uses a new type of needle that makes the treatment easier to do, enjoyable to experience and more effective.

Mesotherapy involves micro-injecting a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid into skin’s middle layer. This helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, tighten skin, lighten pigmentation, increase hydration, and improve tone.

Mesotherapy at Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic, from €150,

Profhilo at Thérapie Clinics

Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser. “It is a super hydrator and improves skin quality and treats skin laxity," says Thérapie Clinics medical director, Paul Reddy. It also triggers a response in the tissue known as ‘bio remodelling’ that promotes new collagen and elastin development.

Profhilo works on the skin quality rather than the muscle movement that causes wrinkles or for the loss of volume in the face. Its advanced technology allows a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to release slowly, meaning it does not trigger any inflammation and provides both hydration and volume. Results can be seen within 3-5 days. The maximum effect is usually seen two months after the second treatment.

Profhilo at Thérapie Clinics, from €295,

How to choose a makeup artist

Three tips for choosing your makeup artist
Three tips for choosing your makeup artist

Choosing your look for the big day may be as simple as taking a makeup lesson Dublin-based bridal makeup artist, Aoife Callaghan, gave me some tips on securing professional help.

Stay true to yourself

“What looks strong in a photograph will be even stronger in person. If you gravitate towards natural looks in real life, a makeup artist that posts dramatic looks may not see your point of view. Personally, I think it’s wonderful to be able to look back on your wedding photos and recognise yourself. Remember that Pinterest and magazine pictures are different from real brides. Models are chosen because their facial features suit a look that may not be for everyone. Check out an artist’s online portfolio or Instagram. Whether you prefer a natural glow or all-out glam, you’ll be able to tell if they specialise in what you’d like. You’ll also be able to assess their bridal experience, which is important as working on weddings is quite different from salon and fashion work. There are also techniques like getting the timing right on the morning and knowing how to work on an emotional bride that only come with real-life experience.

Make sure you ‘click’

“Your wedding day is supposed to be fun, and you know what’s right for your day. Don’t be talked into something you don’t love or afraid to ask for something else. The rest of your life is a long time to regret a makeup choice. The trial can be a good time to get a sense of one another: if you aren’t getting on, you still have weeks to find a better match.”

Check if you are tan compatible

“Merging a base with a tan is one of the most delicate balances a makeup artist strikes. The most flattering foundations have yellow-toned bases, while the dihydroxyacetone in tan has an orange undertone. If you’re getting a fake tan for your wedding, be sure to discuss with your artist how s/he will work with that on the day and check if it works for you.”

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