On the red carpet: Chrissy Teigen, Heidi Klum, Eliza Cummings, Rihanna

Chrissy Teigen got it right at the Grammys silhouette-wise but this design is a hot mess overall. 

A lattice neckline plus multiple shoulder-straps plus aztec print plus leopard print plus fringing...it’s all too much. Even two fewer details would vastly improve her Cavalli.

Heidi Klum keeps it simpler in leather strip-detailed J. Mendel in LA. One major perk of being a model-turned-celebrity, I imagine, is that you’ve seen yourself in so many different garments on shoots that you can effectively style yourself for the red carpet.

Julien MacDonald dressed model Eliza Cummings for the Elle Style Awards in London. I feel like he’s done this same dress forever, creating an upmarket showgirl look by strategically placing feathers or embroidery or, as in this case, feather-shaped embroidery.

There is nothing Rihanna can’t pull off. A glittery orange bra (which she spent the Grammys yanking up because — oh woeful failure of fashion logic — a halter strap is as boob-supporting as no straps at all) with a tiered skirt made of lurex towelling fabric.

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