Street Trend: Noelle & Hugo

Name: Noelle O’Regan

Age: 36

From: Cork

Occupation: Performance artist

Favourite shops: Jane’s in Kinsale, but mainly any second-hand or vintage stores I can find

What are you wearing? Dress, Sathia from Hello Again in Kinsale (but no longer there), €5; shoes, Wintop, €25; sunglasses belonged to my Swedish boyfriend’s great-grandmother

Most expensive item ever bought? A £50 G-string from Satin and Lace

Best bargain? The dress I’m wearing now

Best dressed celebrity? Vivienne Westwood

Worst dressed celebrity? Don’t want to say

How much would you spend on fashion? Maybe €60 or €70 a month

Fashion faux-pas? Seeing young kids dressed like adults about to go clubbing is horrible.

Name: Hugo Thuillier

Age: 17

From: Paris, France

Occupation: Student

Favourite shops: Zara, H&M, lots of independent shops in Paris

What are you wearing? Jacket, Zara, €80; T-shirt, H&M, €10; jeans, Pull and Bear, €30; deck shoes, €20; bag, Diesel, €82; earphones, Sennheiser, a present

Most expensive item ever bought? A €200 coat, but I don’t know the name

Best bargain? A pair of Schmoove moccasins that were 70% reduced to €40

Best dressed celebrity? I can’t think of anyone, I wouldn’t like to say

Worst dressed celebrity? Gerard Depardieu

How much would you spend on fashion? Not a lot, maybe €400 a year

Fashion faux-pas? People wearing socks with sandals.


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