Fashion trend: RSVP in Style

The truest barometer of an Irish summer has to be its social calendar.

Champagne is popped, vows are exchanged, divots are stomped and dress codes are demanded. 

It may only be April but with such a flutter of social activity in the offing, it’s never too early to don a hat and get ahead of things. 

Consider yourself invited!

Philip Treacy, POA
Philip Treacy, POA


Heart-shaped face: Choose hats with a medium crown and medium brim to create balance around the forehead.

Long face: Choose hats with a short snug crown and low or wide brims that break up face length, creating width rather then height.

Round face: Choose slightly angular hats with a small brim or height at the crown to create structure and add length to the face.

Square face: Choose soft curvy hats with a high crown to soften features and add length to the face.


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