Tried and tested: No!No! Ultra

Can a tool that uses electrical pulses to zap hairs cut down on‘waxing and shaving? Laura Wurzal finds out...

“As advised, before starting the process, I make sure the areas where I’m going to be using the No!No! Ultra are thoroughly clean and dry. 

"To operate the device, you press the tip onto your skin — usually starting from the bottom up, so you can move it in the opposite direction of hair-growth — and then glide it along in smooth, steady sweeps. 

"It works by sending electrical pulses through a thin coated wire, which delivers a little electric shock when it makes contact with hairs. This does result in a burning smell, which was strange at first, but I quickly got used to it. 

"Aside from that, using it is fairly simple and straightforward, and there’s a handy blue light that indicates you’re doing it properly. 

“Due to how it works, it does emit some heat and made my skin feel quite warm — but it’s not painful or uncomfortable.

“The pack also includes a pad to buff skin afterwards, to help remove any remaining stubble. 

"I used it on my legs, bikini line, arms, face and upper lip, and must admit, I was most pleased with the results on my arms and lip/chin area. 

"The regrowth was noticeably lighter and my skin felt smoother too — though for legs, I still don’t think you can beat using a razor!

“The No!No! doesn’t promise immediate, long-lasting results though; you need to commit to using it on each area at least twice a week for a minimum of four to six weeks.”

* No!No! Ultra, €359 ( )


Using the same products as your facialist is easy enough, but bringing their expertly honed skills home? Much harder — but that’s where Aveda’s new tool comes in. 

The Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush aids exfoliation and lymph drainage, and you don’t need years of expertise to use it.

“Use the brush on clean skin, starting at the centre of the decollete and moving in gentle, circular motions anti-clockwise, gradually working up the neck and onto the face, gently sweeping away dull cells,” advises the brand’s skincare expert Antonia Wheatley (available August).


Is self-tanning wreaking havoc on your relationship? 

Research from St Tropez reveals that a third of us avoid sex and cuddling because of our tanning habits, with 42% of men saying they wouldn’t share a bed with even Kim Kardashian or Gigi Hadid if the famous beauties had slapped on fake tan first.


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