Tips for staying 'cool' in the heat

Beat the heat with beautifying treats. Lisa Haynes reveals how to keep your cool.

A DRAMATIC rise in the barometer can be chaotic for your beauty regime. There’s the make-up meltdown, sweaty complexion, and an odour far-removed from your signature scent.

More than 50% of women said that sweating undermined their self-confidence, according to a survey by Soft & Gentle deodorant.

Unless you’re lying on a beach with a personal fan wafter and frozen grape feeder, summer can be uncomfortable. Don’t sweat it — keep your cool with these heatwave beauty saviours.

Tips for staying 'cool' in the heat


When the air is humid, perspiration and oils on your face don’t evaporate as easily; they collect on the skin. Opt for melt-proof make-up formulations that will stay put during the morning commute.

If you still want flawless summer coverage, apply a waterproof, sweat-proof foundation that won’t succumb to perspiration or humidity. Try Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! brightening makeup. It’s oil-free, high on hydration and has SPF 25 — just what you skin needs to look its best, €35. Avoid ‘panda eye streaking’ with Pur Minerals Big Look waterproof mascara, €20 ( ).

Keep your cool under deadline pressures with a refreshing spritz in your desk drawer to rehydrate your face and refresh your make-up. Try Voya’s Ritzy Spritzy, a blend of organic herbs and essential oils, €26.

Tips for staying 'cool' in the heat


HURoliday heat overseas can feel more oppressive than the breezy Irish air. Try and keep your SPF and after-sun products in a cool, dark place, before applying.

Nivea’s Protect & Refresh range is the SPF equivalent of a dip in the pool. Apply the Invisible Cooling Mist for an instant, skin-cooling sensation — ideal if you’re suffering from a touch of prickly heat; from €10.50, available in SPF20, 30 or 50 (Boots).

Pack a holiday spritz with a tropical scent that will mentally transport you back to your sun lounger when you’re home. Punctuate book breaks with an ice-cold cocktail and Orico’s Streetwise coco spritz — a refreshing toner with coconut water to hydrate thirsty skin, €22. (Debenhams).

Tips for staying 'cool' in the heat


Attaining a pre-holiday bikini body means extra hours of exercise. The more intense your workout, the faster and higher your core temperature rises, so you may feel even sweatier in stuffy environments.

After a cool or tepid post-workout shower, use an antiperspirant that will keep working long after you’ve pressed the stop button on the cross-trainer. Right Guard Xtreme antiperspirants feature ‘sweat detect technology’. These are odour-neutralising capsules that anticipate sweat before it starts. Try Right Guard Xtreme Ultra Cool, €2.99 (Boots).

Keep that just-showered freshness all day long by replacing a heavier fragrance with a crisp, refreshing scent. Try Sporty Citrus Eau de Parfum, by Michael Kors, 30ml, €41.25.

Tips for staying 'cool' in the heat


After a long day and a sweaty commute, kick your shoes off and blow an industrial-sized fan through your hair to cool off.

Sip on an iced tea and soothe a puffy complexion with Lancome’s hydra intense gel mask, 100ml, €39. Leave on for five minutes and remove excess lotion with a cotton ball. Leave on for five minutes, then remove any excess with a cotton ball. Can be used twice a week for parched skin.

If you need to cool down your body before bedtime, ice baths are best left to athletes. Lather up with a refreshing shower gel, like Weleda’s pomegranate shower wash, 200ml, €12.49.

Try turning the dial to cold for the last 30 seconds of your shower, to regulate your temperature and improve blood circulation.


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