Product Watch: Winter make-up and body oil

Winter make-up, body oil and Dame Vivienne Westwood’s boudoir make November beautiful.

Mon Boudoir Perfume

Vivienne Westwood’s first perfume, the patchouli-heavy Boudoir, was released in 1998 to mixed reviews. It’s a perfume classic, but as divisive as Thierry Mugler’s Angel, or Joy, by Jean Patou. Mon Boudoir, €48.30, is an update and a far lighter fragrance. A lily of the valley heart, and gentle mandarin and basil top-notes make it a perfect daytime scent. The pink-frosted potion bottle is a pretty accent for girly bedrooms.

Light up, Light Up

Sparkly blushes and highlighters make winter make-up worth the waiting. Giorgio Armani’s Eccentrico Star Palette (named for the brand’s extravagant 2013 fashion exhibition, not a quirky individual), €65, is my favourite, so far. The palette is a harmony of four micronised-powder blushes that unite to create a fresh, shimmery peach-pink. Lancôme’s highlighter palette in Rose Etincelle, €52, is a pretty, frosted-pink option that particularly suits fair skin.

Party Liner for Lazy Girls

You fake your lashes, so why not your eyeliner? Hypnôse Velours multi-wear eyeliner patches, €35, are a handy selection of false-liners from Lancôme’s winter collection. Each pair lets you instantly have a catwalk-inspired look similar to that created through careful, manual use of the Hypnôse Velours eye kit. Designed to be repositioned and re-used three times, the patches can be used on both upper and lower lids. They stay in place all night and eyes remain fresh and smudge-free, no matter what you are doing.

MAC’s Fix-Me-Up Clutches

Does your makeup look as good leaving the club as upon arrival? MAC’s Stroke of Midnight mini-maintenance kits come in cute, geometric-patterned clutches that contain all you need to get your eyes/lips/face sorted. This pink lip-and-cheek kit, €66, is exclusive to Brown Thomas and contains a blush, lipgloss, lipstick, mirror and powder blush. Other bags in the collection pack in smoky eye-makeup supplies and a selection of mini brushes.

Oil That Glitters

If you know Benefit ‘soft to touch, hard to get’ Bathina at all, it’s as a floral, shimmery balm in a tin. This lightweight oil version, €38, is a big improvement. The spray bottle is convenient and far more hygienic. It contains beneficial oils, like sweet almond, avocado and olive, but I still wouldn’t recommend daily use, because of the amount of artificial fragrance, which is top of the ingredients list. I certainly wouldn’t use it as massage oil, as the brand suggests. For nights out, a spritz, where light hits (shoulders, down the centre of thighs and shins), after applying fragrance-free-body lotion, is best.

Olay’s On-Point Cleansing

Olay’s 3-Point super-cleansing system, €49.99, is a mini facial in a box. A motorised cleansing brush head revolves 350 times per minute, cleaning where fingers can’t. Olay reckons skin absorbs up to 30% more serum/moisturiser after use (than if applied to unclean skin) and that the system is four times more effective than manual cleansing. The brand also says the brush respects the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, but (as with all skin tools) overuse is harmful, so be sure to follow instructions carefully.

It would be great if this came with a full-size version of the Regeneriste skin-perfecting cleanser, €6.66, but the sample size is certainly enough to determine if this is the system for you. Even if skin brushes aren’t your thing, this hydrating, fragrance-free wash is a great way to begin your skincare routine.

At-Home Hairdressing

BaByliss Curl Secret is €159.99 at Harvey Norman. The Saturdays style their locks with this quick-curl tool in the ‘Disco Love’ video. Curl Secret could wind up a bigger hit than the song. Simply clamp a section in the claw-like chamber, activate, and watch it roll up the hair into a perfect curl. With two heat settings and three timer settings, you can make curls as long-lasting or gentle as desired. They look more substantial than if you’d randomly tonged them, thanks to a warning beep that goes off if you attempt to stick too much hair in at once. An early contender for your Christmas list.


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