No dry January for the beauty shelves as they're full of boozy treats

We might be off alcohol for January, but the beauty shelves have found a taste for the tipple. Katie Wright toasts the top products

NOW is traditionally the time to embrace teetotalism, for 30 days at least, but pledging to have a dry January doesn’t preclude the bevy of pampering products infused with your favourite boozy scents.

In fact, these vino and liquor-fuelled concoctions are all the more appealing when you’re off the sauce.

With this alcoholic array, you can turn your bathroom cabinet into a drinks cabinet, and indulge guilt-free...


OK, so it’s technically a mocktail-inspired concoction, but Body Shop’s zesty Virgin Mojito Body Butter, €20.75, smells so good it’s like slathering on a slice of happy hour (


Inspired by the finest of wines, Molton Brown Vintage 2015 Elderflower Bath & Shower Gel, €24, sparkles like a glass of Champagne and boasts a gorgeous grapefruit, elderflower and vetiver bouquet (


Chase them with a splash of Atkinsons Triple Extract Eau de Cologne, reduced to €45 for 50ml, which contains notes of juniper black tea whiskey, to keep the heady aroma going (


Lush Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub, from €10.50, contains an extract of limes steeped in vodka, plus grapefruit and sea salt, making it a granular, bracing exfoliator. Avocado butter and coconut oil ensure your skin is left feeling silky soft (

No dry January for the beauty shelves as they're full of boozy treats


Tom Daxon VSOP Eau de Parfum, €139.64 for 50ml, opens elegantly with notes of cognac and bergamot, before making way for spices and a musky finish (, free p&p).


Beer is known to make hair super-glossy, but you don’t want to go rinsing with a pint of lager (that would just be a waste). Instead, try Lush Cynthia Sylvia Stout, €6.36, which contains just the right dose of beer, plus a dash of shine-enhancing lemon juice (, plus p&p).


Amber-based fragrance Escentric Molecules Escentric 02, €99 for 100ml, contains a note of gin and tonic alongside lemonade, making a spritz as refreshing asBombay Sapphire and Fever-Tree (

The Library of Fragrance Gin & Tonic, €15 for 30ml, goes one further, expertly replicating the peppery, juniper-laced Mother’s Ruin and mixer scent (



Which is best when on the go: liquid, powder or cream? Our testers try out a trio of compacts.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact, €42 (

No dry January for the beauty shelves as they're full of boozy treats

“This smart compact contains liquid foundation for a mess-free make-up solution. Press once or twice depending on how much coverage you need and the foundation glides over your skin like silk. The sponge doesn’t last as long as it should but the formula is really flattering.” 5/5

Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector, €36 (, free p&p)

“While this solid cream looks very sheer when you dab it on the skin, it certainly perfects any imperfections or redness. Ideally suited to the T-zone, it works best over a liquid foundation, especially on the nose. Another plus is that you can touch it up during the day without it going cakey.” 4/5

Temple Spa Velvelutto Face Base, €40 (, plus p&p)

“This silky soft powder easily absorbed shine and left a smooth, matte base when I used the soft side of the sponge. The only issue I had is that the other side caused a bit of flakiness on the dry skin around my nose, so I stuck to my T-zone for touch-ups. Best for oily skin.” 4/5


The benefits of cutting down on booze can last way beyond the new year. Lauren Taylor finds out more about strategies to help make the change stick.Beyond Dry January: Is it time to reassess our relationship with alcohol in the longer term?

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