Keep yourself covered with this ingenious sun cream applicator

BackBliss Lotion Applicator, single pack £11.99, double pack, €25 (

The BackBliss Lotion Applicator is a handy device that enables people to apply sun cream to their own back.

It’s probably the most difficult area of the body to reach yourself and if you don’t have a partner or friend to help out, it’s all too easy to miss large areas and leave yourself exposed to sun.

So how does this gadget work? You pop some lotion onto the spongy square, then simply reach back and rub it into your skin. The sponge pads are removable and washable and you can replace them when they get old.

What’s it like? Totally genius. This simple product really is a gamechanger. Having to ask somebody else to apply your sun cream can be annoying, and isn’t always possible — the BackBliss completely eliminates that need. It’s lightweight, very easy to use, and actually does exactly what you want it to do. I found it very easy to reach every inch of my back, and the spongy pad massaged the lotion well into my skin.

Its inventor, Caroline Wagstaff, impressed the British Dragons’ Den judges with her creation, and I suspect everybody, once they try it, will be instantly hooked.

A suitcase staple for those heading off on a sun holiday.

BackBliss Lotion Applicator, single pack £11.99, double pack, €25 (


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