How to glow on the go

THERE’S no better feeling than spending hours pampering and preening to look beyond glam for a party.

But let’s be real. If it’s a Friday bash you’re heading to, chances are you’ll be freshening up in the office loos, or attempting a makeover-on-the-move in the back of a taxi on the way there. Cue wonky eyeliner and lipstick on teeth.

But, all hope is not lost... When time is of the essence, rely on beauty’s party season saviours and clever application tricks to dazzle in minutes.

Here’s how to turn up the glam-ometer in record time. Ready, steady, party!

If you have...


You have time on your hands but not enough to sprint to the salon for a blow dry. Plan ahead and go to work armed with kirby grips, hairspray and a brush — all you need to create show-stopping hair.

“The beehive is the perfect style to take your hair from drab to fab,” says hair stylist Guy Cammarano. “It works best when not created on freshly washed hair, making it ideal if you’ve spent all day in the office.”

If you’re unsure, watch masterclass beehive videos on YouTube to perfect the techniques at home so that you can execute the style with confidence in a hurry.


Lugging your make-up bag to work can end in disaster. Too many products to apply in too little time means precious minutes wasted.

Lighten the load by using a glam palette featuring multi-tasking products in shades that flatter your colouring.

“Look for a palette that contains shimmery shades that you can layer on top of eye shadows so they’re instantly transformed into something glamorous,” advises make-up artist, Daniel Sandler.

“Don’t buy a palette with shades you’ll never use, but do invest in something you’ll use for a special occasion or night out with the girls.”


For fluttering transformative effects, a false lash fix trumps mascara any day.

If you usually struggle to apply them, invest in a product like Bourjois Falsh Lash Applicator (Boots).

“They have a long curved arm to grab the length of the lash and place onto the whole lid in one movement,” says Cassie Lomas, Bourjois celebrity make-up artist.

“The soft angled tip on the other end can be used to gently press the false lash onto the lash line.”

Try falsies featuring crystals on the lash line for extra eye dazzle.


If you’re really pushed for time, a strong lip is all you need to wow the party pack. Try eye-catching red or raspberry. Apply, blot then re-apply for extra longevity.

“A bright lip will detract from tired eyes but avoid dark colours unless you have fresh, glowing skin,” advises Liz Pugh, Avon make-up artist.

“You can also use the lip colour to inject some flushed colour onto your cheeks. If your lipstick is heavily pigmented, apply to your hand first and dab the colour onto cheekbones for a gorgeous party glow that matches the tone of your lips.”


You’re never going to feel like the life and soul of the party if you’re arriving with flat, limp hair. Dry shampoo not only revitalises your hair for that freshly washed feeling, it also boosts volume.

“Spray lightly and evenly approximately 30cm from your hair,” says Joanne Marshall, Batiste brand manager.

“Lift up sections of the hair to make sure you fully refresh your roots. Massage through with fingertips, leave for a few moments and then brush out. Voila! From office to party gorgeous in seconds.”


Spritzes are your seconds-to-spare best friend. A rich, alluring fragrance applied to pulse points will instantly put you in the party mood and an atomiser highlighter will add a subtle sprinkling of glamour.

Chase Aston, The Body Shop international make-up artist suggests: “Create an inner glow by lightly spraying highlighter over cheeks, or spritz across the decolletage for an elegant luminosity.”


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