Organic is the natural way

If you want to guarantee you are getting the real deal then watch out for products that are certified.

ORGANIC has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for a while now, but it’s an unregulated area. While foods that claim to be organic must be certified, beauty products can call themselves organic while only containing small amounts of organic ingredients. Go figure.

So, until some kind of regulation comes in, you can swish past all the organic impersonators by opting for something certified either by the Soil Association, EcoCert or the USDA, if it’s a product from the States.

So what are the benefits of going organic? Well, for a start, organic products, naturally enough, don’t contain any chemicals, artificial fragrances or artificial colours, which means they don’t irritate your skin. But are they any better than “natural” beauty products? No, I don’t think so.

I enjoy product ranges such as Nuxe and Korres far more than a lot of organic moisturisers I’ve tried — but if you’re after something very pure to put on your skin, then they are the way to go. Bear in mind that because they include organic ingredients, these moisturisers do command a hefty price tag. If you’re after something natural but at a more affordable price, then check out brands such as Weleda and Lavera.

First up is a luxury product: Voya’s Me Time. If I was to use an organic moisturiser each day, then this would be it. It’s beautifully scented with rich essential oils, filled with antioxidant seaweed extracts, elegantly packaged and very soothing and hydrating on the skin. The only problem is the price. Clocking in at €57, it’s definitely a very expensive outlay, but worth it if you’re after something special.

A lot of organic moisturisers come in the form of oils — traditionally easier to formulate without chemicals — and if you haven’t tried a facial oil before then this is definitely a good time to start. A good oil will give your skin excellent hydration while sinking in effectively and leaving you looking radiant. I love them.

Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, €19.99, is a great one to opt for. Award-winning and gorgeous to use, it’s incredibly rich making it a perfect choice for winter.

Want something slightly lighter? Try HerbFarmacy’s Organic Rose Face Oil, €24.39 at It’s got marshmallow and calendula in a blend of plant and Damask rose essential oils. Lovely.

Spiezia Organics is a brand I discovered years ago, but keep coming back to. And while they do a fantastic face oil, they also have a great Nourishing Moisturiser, €40.50, which is particularly good for dry skins during the winter.

Organic brand lines often lurk beneath the radar. They don’t have the advertising power of a Lancôme or Lauder, so you don’t hear about them as much. Phyt’s is one such brand. It’s the number one professional product line in French salons and spás, and is certified 100% organic.

The Creme Hydratante, €47, is a gorgeously rich and ticks all the boxes for winter. And if you’re looking for something suited to dry skins, check out Neal’s Yard multi-award winning Frankincense Hydrating Cream, €32. Used at night, it leaves your skin feeling super-soft and like silk come the morning.


Staying hydrated

Voya me Time, €57.

I really do love this product. It has a fantastic smell, a gorgeous texture and feels very luxurious on the skin. Plus it’s from a great Irish company, Voya. The downside? At €57 it really is the top end of the market, so you’d want to be sure it’s the one for you before investing.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil, €19.99.

A fantastic product, which is borne out by the fact that it’s a bestseller and wins awards all over the shop. This is a particularly good choice for winter, especially if you have dry skin. Only a couple of drops are needed, which make it a particularly cost-effective. It lasts a long time, and really nourishes your skin. Perfect.

Spiezia Organics, €40.50.

Handmade on a farm in Cornwall, Spiezia were one of the first certified organic product ranges on the market and are still going strong. This moisturiser is rich with vitamins A and E, and can be used both as a day and night cream.

Phyt’s Creme Hydrante, €47.

Excellent for sensitive skin, Phyt’s Creme Hydrante is not an inexpensive option but if you really want something very gentle, then it could be the one for you. It contains aloe vera, jojoba and macadamia oil to keep skin super-soft and comforted.

Neal’s Yard Frankincense Hydrating Cream, €32.

You don’t often get organic moisturisers that claim to have anti-ageing qualities, but this gem from Neal’s Yard promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whether it does or not, who cares? It makes your skin feel great, is deeply hydrating and is enriched with rejuvenating frank-incense and myrrh. Lovely.


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