What to watch on TV this week...

Des O’Driscoll takes a look at the week ahead and what will be on the big and little screens


Fast and Not Furious

RTÉ One, 5.45pm

Islam tends to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons these days, so this documentary looks at the more benign side of the religion through the eyes of several Irish Muslims.

Timed to coincide with Eid al-Fitr — the celebratory end of the Ramadan fasting period — the show interviews the likes of Bohemian FC midfielder Fuad Sule, who talks about keeping his training regime going when his eating is so restricted; and Waterford-based Czech-born photographer Bara Alich, who converted to Islam after meeting her Muslim husband.

White Heat

TG4, 9.20pm

James Cagney stars in the classic film noir from 1949 as the gang leader who is still close to his mother. “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!”

Barry Lyndon

RTÉ2, 11.55pm

A rare chance to see Stanley Kubrick’s film from 1975, largely shot in Ireland at locations such as Powerscourt House in Co Wicklow, and Youghal, Co Cork. Ryan O’Neal and Leonard ‘Reggie Perrin’ Rossiter feature among the cast.


Glastonbury 2017

BBC Two, 6pm

The concluding night of coverage from the massive music festival includes sets from Barry Gibb and Ed Sheeran.

Planet Earth II

RTÉ2, 6.30pm

David Attenborough’s show is well worth a look second time around. Episode four looks at life in deserts, with highlights including footage of an incredible locust swarm, and pride of lions taking down a giraffe.

Great Canal Journeys

Channel 4, 8pm

More great travel fare from India as Timothy West and Prunella Scales head to the Brahmaputra river in the far north east, where they travel along an old tea trade route.


BBC One, 9pm

Ross is still in France, but has to do a quick exit from Rosscoff under threat of execution. The Methodists also feature strongly in this episode as Sam leads a large congregation in song. Drama and bare-chests aside, this plotline will also appeal to anyone in an interest in history, as the Protestant breakaway became popular among the downtrodden in Britain, and later among slaves in the US.



Amazon Prime

What to watch on TV this week...

Ruth Negga and co return for a second run of the supernatural drama series. We won’t get the whole series together from the streaming service — as with the the first season, one episode per week will be released.


Donal’s Meals In Minutes

RTÉ One, 8.30pm

Donal Skehan continues his quest to keep things simple in the kitchen with dishes such as a pasta dish caramelised in the oven, and a one tray chicken dinner with baked feta.


BBC One, 9pm

The penultimate episode of Jimmy McGovern’s drama series has Fr Michael being typically pragmatic as he attempts to mediate in a dispute between neighbours.


Sudan: The Last Of The Rhinos

BBC Two, 9pm

While most people will be expecting this show to be set in the titular African country, ‘Sudan’ actually refers to the name given to the northern white rhino that features in the documentary. The 43-year-old animal is the very last male of its kind, and ironically, probably only survives today as he was captured for the zoo trade. He’s now living in Kenya under close guard with the two remaining females as attempts are made to ensure their sub-species aren’t totally wiped out.


RTÉ One, 9.35pm

Decent drama from 2012 starring Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston as CIA agents on a rescue mission during the US hostage crisis in Iran.


Confederations Cup

RTÉ2, ko 7pm

Despite the marketing push from FIFA, this tournament is mostly seen as a logistical practice run for the World Cup. It can still produce some entertaining soccer, however.

Horizon: Dawn of the Driverless Car

BBC Two, 9pm

It may still like an idea from a science-fiction film, but huge strides have been made in recent years with driverless cars. This show looks at some of the technology behind them, as well as implications for the environment and jobs, and even explores some of the legal and ethical issues that might result from a crash.

Naked Attraction

Channel 4, 10pm

What to watch on TV this week...

One of the main lessons from the inaugural run of this show last year was that the most interesting part of people’s bodies is actually their face. Despite this, Anna Richardson returns with a new season in which participants get to see prospective partners revealed in their naked splendour, bit by bit from bottom to top. Among the participants is 22-year-old Izzy, who describes herself as ‘pansexual’. Will she be spoilt for choice?


The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

BBC Two, 7pm

The final episode of the series has Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin checking out the posher end of Hobbitsville as they visit unusual homes underground. Among them are a Dutch house which rebuffs the idea that underground homes have to be dark, as it is designed in a way to fill with light.

Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle

BBC One, 9pm

The Bolton comedian is in reflective mood, looking back on his career through the years, including this first appearance on Irish TV.


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