The Tuesday Poem

Poet Gerry Boland

In the space between

The pillow wears the round indent of your absent head

you have walked out on me many times

always I was at the door waiting when

a long time later

you would come back

I have one foot on the grass

one on the carpet beside our bed

somewhere in the space between

is where I spend my nights

listening to the distant city exhaling

its citizens to the suburbs

to here

where we live

this morning I awoke in a warm bed

turned to inhale your sweet breath

took hold of your hand and squeezed it

opened my eyes to find myself alone

you read me like I read the clouds

but better

you know me as I know you

but better
you leave me as you always leave me

Gerry Boland is a poet and children’s author living in Roscommon. Doghouse published his collection, Watching Clouds. This poem has been a prizewinner in the Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Competition, which is seeking new entries.


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