The Corrs are not forgotten as they light up Live at the Marquee

The Corrs at Live at the Marquee last evening. Pictures: Branky Salat/barlokphoto

The Corrs are living proof that absence really does make the heart grow fonder, enjoying the kind of enraptured response that only a lengthy break can create.


This was the band’s first Cork performance since their two brief visits in 1996, and what a full-on show it turned out to be, despite the fact the venue was busy but not packed.

They played all the hits that delivered 45 million global record sales, some fine new material that plays well live and plenty of excellent musicianship, with some great stomping Irish trad moments.

The old hits rocked: Breathless, Runaway, Forgiven Not Forgotten, So Young, What Can I Do, Give Me A Reason and excellent covers like Dreams, the Fleetwood Mac hit.

The new stuff works too, notably White Light and Bring On The Night.

Those of us, ahem, who went along expecting a night of refried auto-tuned 1990s pop tartlets have had to hurriedly revise our old prejudices. We’re surprised, a bit like the way we awoke to Abba’s talent 30 years after the event.

Dare we say it aloud, The Corrs are not just a hit machine, they are also quite a good band. They know how to enjoy themselves, how to work their audience, and how to deliver a rocking show.

“It’s so good to play here. It has been quite a while,” said Andrea. “We’d like to thank you for staying with us while we took such a long pause. We’re so delighted to be here. Let’s blow the Marquee off.”

Giggles abound, off stage and on. We can only presume she means to blow the lid off the tent. No worries, girl, we can barely manage the language ourselves.

Andrea’s voice has matured really well, as have her siblings’ support harmonies. Sharon’s violin parts are riffingly triffic, Caroline’s drumming is excellent and Jim is a very fine guitarist.

And they haven’t aged a day in 10 years. Well, apart from Jim a bit, but even he looks more relaxed and a bit edgier now with the sunglasses on indoors at night.

Is it really 10 years and a collective total of eight babies since they were last properly on tour? If anything, they look and sound fresher than ever.

The trad stuff went down a treat, with Sharon sawing her way through, Andrea whistling for Ireland, Caroline rocking out on bodhrán and Jim holding it all together. Ellis Island and Búachaill ón Éirne were moving, as were the audience humming the hits all their way back along the Marina. Come back soon. Ye’re not forgotten and sure there’s nothing to forgive.


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