John Escreet : Sabotage and Celebration


This is the fifth album from thedynamic and highly original pianist and composer John Escreet.

An Englishman in New York sinde 2006, the young pianist (29) is an exciting musician with leanings towards a more abstract and at times free-jazz approach, however, don’t let the turbulance put you off: Sabotage and Celebration is a slick ride from start to finish.

Supported by an A-list of top class musicians at the peak of their powers including drummer Jim Black, bassist Matt Brewer and saxophone dream team Chris Potter (tenor) and Dave Binney (alto), any attempt to pigeonhole the music would be as fruitful as a blackberry picking expedition in Antarctica.

Escreet (inset) chooses from a broad and varied palette which is as colourful and vivid as his virtuosity and imagination: this body of work continues to inspire and excite with each spin of the disc.

Recorded on Nov 7 last year, the day after the US presidential election Sabotage and Celebration features what is for many a flavour-of-the-moment string section: “A lot of the albums back in the 70s featured a wider sonic palette, using stings, brass and all kinds of different instruments. Those influences, combined with some of the pop music I have been listening to have helped shape the sound,” he says.

Sabotage and Celebration comes from a prolific young man who has managed to create an impressive portfolio, and yet, for all of its sophistication, Escreet composes and performs with a big and fearless passionate approach. The contribution by this stellar cast is impressive with each band member full of inventivness and musicality and it’s a triumph of imagination and execution.

With so much to distill, there will be moments which may seem initially a step too far for many listeners, but repeated listening will undoubtedly win most over.


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