Hot gossip for return of Cold Feet

AS TV series Cold Feet returns to our screens, some of the ensemble cast talk about their much-lauded return and hint at what’s in store.

James Nesbitt — Adam

After weeks of “will they, won’t they”, at the end of the last series, Adam and his landlady Tina finally agreed to give things a go but take it slow. When we check in with them, they’ve been loved up and living across the hall from each other and spending hours renovating Adam’s house.

“I think people will have been concerned about who replaced (Adam’s late wife) Rachel or who was trying to capture Adam’s heart and I think the build on that was very good,” comments Nesbitt, 52.

“I think that people really did take to Tina and there was an optimism but just when things are possibly going smoothly, the obstacles are those that Adam put there himself.”

Adam “finally gets a job”. “I’ve never been entirely sure what he does,” jokes Nesbitt and continues to forge a relationship with son Matthew, “which I think means the world to both of them”.

Hermione Norris — Karen

In the last series, Karen turned down two marriage proposals, from ex-husband David and billionaire Eddie Zubayr, and enjoyed a passionate fling with a younger colleague.

“She did have it going on,” laughs Norris, 50.

“This series she’s focusing on her work and balancing running a publishing company and trying to manage her teenage girls.”

And then there’s Ramona, her former nanny-turned-PA who’s more a hindrance than help.

Norris believes Cold Feet is about love, both romantic and platonic.

“You get to 50 and you realise that more than anything that’s all there is at the end of the day,” she says before adding she couldn’t believe the reception they enjoyed on their return.

John Thomson — Pete

Thomson was at the centre of one of the most hard-hitting storylines when the jovial Pete was diagnosed with depression.

“The response I’ve had for that, it’s been amazing and also on a social media level people have been very frank and very candid and said ‘Your portrayal of depression has hit a chord with me’,” says Thomson, 48.

When we see Pete, he’s moved on from minicab driving to chauffeuring.

Robert Bathurst — David

There’s no doubt that the pompous David’s fall from grace hit him hard and he’s now peddling life insurance to unsuspecting pensioners.

“There’s a bit of a downgrading,” laughs Bathurst, 60. “He’s taken a dive professionally and aspirationally because of the problems he had last year (when he was arrested for dodgy dealings) and his reputation has sunk.”

On top of that his living arrangements “are quite fluid” after being knocked back by ex-wife Karen.

Fay Ripley — Jenny

There’s a promotion pending for Jenny when we catch up with her.

“I mean don’t ask for my actual job title, but there’s been a promotion (at the hotel) so she’s sort of handing the domestic reins to Pete,” says Ripley, 51, but it remains to be seen what strain this might take on their

  • Cold Feet returns to ITV on Friday September 8 


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