Gwyneth won’t be breaking the J-Law

GWYNETH PALTROW has said she’s got no problem with CHRIS MARTIN’s relationship with JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

The actress and the Coldplay frontman, who have two children together, announced last year that they were “consciously uncoupling”. Now Hollywood star Gwyneth, 42, has opened up to US shock jock Howard Stern about moving on.

When asked how she felt about Chris dating someone she doesn’t approve of, “like J-Law?”, Gwyneth said: “Who says I don’t approve?”

She added: “I respect him as the father of my children... It’s his decision... He wouldn’t be with someone who isn’t great.”

Anne Hathaway flashes her pearly white teeth

ANNE HATHAWAY has revealed she brought alcohol to put her Song One co-star, JOHNNY FLYNN, at ease before he filmed his first-ever intimate scene. The Oscar-winning actress, who has more experience of shooting sex scenes, admitted booze, particularly Irish whiskey, usually helps in those situations.

“I just wanted to make sure that he knew he was totally protected, that it was a safe environment. We had a closed set, and I brought the Jameson so that helped, too,” she tells E! News. “In a love scene [whiskey] is kind of a prerequisite,” she added.

JEREMY PIVEN has admitted he loves nothing more than being recognised as his character from Mr Selfridge. The Entourage actor stars in the ITV period drama as the title character and is about to head into his third series, saying it is always a thrill to see how much fans love the show. He said: “I love being recognised as Harry Selfridge. It’s great that people are watching and know the character I am playing.

COLEEN NOLAN’s son was left mortified after his mum revealed to Loose Women’s viewers that she’d listened to him having sex.

Regular panellist Coleen admitted on the ITV show that eldest son SHANE RICHIE JUNIOR – whose father is EastEnders actor SHANE RICHIE – had accidentally sent her a voicemail during his night of passion. She told viewers: “I came down one morning and had a missed call from Shane Junior and I’d missed it at four in the morning. I knew he’d been out, so I was panicking, thinking oh my God, he might be in hospital.“It had gone to voicemail and I was listening to it. For about the first 10 seconds I was thinking what the hell is that, and then I realised his phone had gone off during... his night of passion.”

She added that she had listened for “four-and-a-half minutes” adding that she was “dead impressed” and that she’d later played the voicemail to Shane and his girlfriend, to embarrass the pair. Shane, now 26, responded on Twitter to say he was embarrassed, writing: “Mum, why oh why @loosewomen !!!”

JOHN BARROWMAN has revealed he is to make a comeback as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood – on the radio.

The Scottish-American singer and actor first appeared as the time-travelling action hero in Doctor Who in 2005, and then starred in spin-off Torchwood from 2006 to 2011.

Now, according to the Post Gazette, John revealed at a press conference for The CW’s Arrow, in which he stars, that Captain Jack is to make a comeback, of sorts.

John said: “I do know that we’re doing three or four radio plays for the BBC for Torchwood.

“My sister and I are discussing the possibility of writing one of them and whether or not that leads to something [on TV]...


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