Getting up close and personal with David Geraghty

DAVID Geraghty has learned to stop worrying and embrace imperfection. “I have made the decision not to get bogged down in whether something is the best thing in the world,” says the Bell X1 guitarist, who will unveil his new solo project, Join Me In The Pines, tomorrow in Cork.

“You can allow yourself be caught up in a process — trip on every small detail. It dawned on me that, to be at your most creative, you need to make a decision and go with it. You can always come back later on. I mean, The Beatles… it’s not the best band name in the world, is it?”

Geraghty likes to keep busy (he is a self-confessed workaholic). With Bell X1 on hiatus — they are resting between records and performed just one live date in Ireland this year — he has invested his energies in Join Me In The Pines. The name references, albeit circuitously, a speech JFK gave in Dallas shortly before his assassination at which he requested Jackie be at his side. It’s a solo project — sort of. But Geraghty was clear from the outset he didn’t want his name on the record sleeve, as was the case with his two previous extra-band efforts.

“It had been a while since my last solo album. I remember, Bell X1 were touring America — people were asking, ‘so when’s the next David Geraghty solo record?’ My answer was always ‘I’m working on it, I’m working on it’. It was flattering individuals so far flung would have an interest. The one aspect I was clear on was that I wanted to get away from my own name. Join Me In The Pines sounded okay — so it a was case of ‘grand, off we go’.”

Geraghty isn’t shy exactly. However, it would be fair to state he does not relish the limelight. In Bell X1 he is happy to surrender centre stage to the band’s singer Paul Noonan. As the solitary member of Join Me In The Pines he is, in contrast, required to stand front and centre — though it helps immensely that his music isn’t of the ‘look at me’ variety.

“I’m not a frontman jumping around like Mick Jagger. With Bell X1, maybe Paul is getting away from that as well, becoming more statesman-like. It’s fine to leap about when you are younger. I prefer more intimate, acoustic gigs, rather than lads running up and down on ramps. You can hear the detail in the music — you can connect with people.”

He doesn’t hoard songs: the material, mostly soft and lulling, that comprises Join Me In The Pines self-titled album does not represent the accumulation of years of writing. Mostly it was hashed out in the studio. He contributed tracks to Bell X1’s previous two records and didn’t for a moment fret that he was giving away his best stuff. “You have to not hold back,” he says. “You let the songs see the light of day as they come along and hope another one comes along again. You shouldn’t second guess the process.”

Geraghty’s 40s are not as far away as he might like and he does occasionally think about the future. Will he still be in a band 15 or 20 years hence?

“I don’t know. It depends on what other people want to an extent. I’m writing a soundtrack at the moment so hopefully I will get to explore that direction more. I will definitely be making music. That is one thing I can say for certain.”

The Join Me In The Pines album will be launched at Triskel Christchurch in Cork tomorrow.


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