So, I've been doing this shtick of dressing on point for The Marquee gigs this year. Before you ask, it's because, honestly, I don't get out much these days and I'm quite easily amused.

Anyway, Nathan Carter, cowboy boots and hat. Lord of the Dance, black tights and sensible shoes. Chic, purple suede boots and blue eyeshadow.

There I was was, bobby pins hanging out the side of my gob, practising my quiff roll for Imelda May's gig, when what should pop up on my Instagram account only our Imelda, looking decidedly different.

Her barnet is all one colour, with a funky, choppy fringe. No more channelling Cruella DeVille, It's more Chrissie Hynde now.

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Thank you Dylan @dylanbradshaw_db. X

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Thanks a lot, girl, where am I am supposed to find a hairdresser at this stage? I had opted for the hair rather than the polka dot dress as Ms May is 12 dress sizes smaller than me. Damn you, woman.

But I can't stay mad at May. Not after the show she gave us Saturday night.

The rambuncious rockabilly raunch has morphed into a more Jagger-swagger style - goodbye billy, hello rock.

May wore a sparkly black dress, spike heels, fishnet stockings. Oh my god, she looks hawt.

The 41-year-old split from husband Darrel Highham last year and the new record may be her way of dealing with it- plus the new do. The fringe benefits of being an artist, perhaps?

The Liberties lass's trademark look may be gone but the connection she has with her audience, her down-to-earth personality, her honesty on stage, that's still there.

Fringe benefits for new-look Imelda May

She chatted and quipped with us, after getting us in the mood with an opening trio of 'Tribal’, ‘Wild Woman’ and ‘Big Bad Handsome Man’.

She's getting us to sing back to her during "It's Good To Be Alive", and says ,"Life can be crap, can't it? But we're here, we get on with it. So sing it with guts, with heart, with love, sing it with soul, Cork".

One Romeo at the front shouts out, "I love you, Imelda!" She turns and looks at him, flicks the fringe, hand on the hip and laughs , "Youz love me? Jaysus, dinner first".

We all love you Imelda. Come back soon.


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