The start of the Premier League season has Gary Lineker returning on Match of the Day on BBC One at 10.30pm tonight. 


Rise of the Planet of the Apes 

Channel 4, 8pm

Very watchable 2011 prequel to the tale of how our fellow primates took over the world when medical experiments went a bit askew. James Franco and Andy Serkis star.

Ar Stáitse 

TG4, 10.25pm

Bagatelle was never the trendiest of Irish bands in the 1980s, but they did have some of the most memorable songs. 

The sound quality is incredibly good on this restored recording of their performance at Siamsa Cois Laoi in 1983, with such songs as ‘Summer In Dublin’ and ‘Rock and Roll Fantasy’.

Match of the Day 

BBC One, 10.30pm

With the Premier League season kicking off today, Gary Lineker returns with the famous highlights show. 

All eyes will also be on the former Leicester City player to see if he lives up to the tweet he sent last December stating: “If Leicester win the Premier League, I’ll do the first MOTD next season in just my undies.”


Chicken Run 

TV3, 5.35pm

There really was a bit of a culture clash on this animated feature from 2000 when the Aardman studio in Britain joined forces with US studio DreamWorks. 

It wasn’t always plain sailing, but the collaboration did result in an enjoyable tale of a bunch of chickens trying to avoid the chop. Mel Gibson is among those providing voices.

Dragons’ Den

BBC Two, 9pm

With the meters not being used by consumers in this country, water-saving devices haven’t taken off in the way many people predicted. 

However, that could all change, and tonight the Dragons get a glimpse at a water-saving device. 

Tonight is also one of those shows where you end up feeling sorry for one of the entrepreneurs making a pitch, as he messes up with details of his business plan.

Billy Connolly’s Tracks Across America 

UTV Ireland, 10pm

What to watch on TV this week

In Oregon, Connolly meets a farmer who hopes to cash in on the recently-legalised crop of marijuana in the state, and in Arizona meets some of those working on the hugely topical issue of border control.


Kate Humble: My Sheepdog and 

BBC Two, 9pm (Not NI)

Kate Humble wants to breed puppies from her Welsh sheepdog Teg, and uses that process as a portal to explore various issues around herding dogs. 

At the University of Aberystwyth, Humble also hears what DNA research has revealed about a breed that has largely been displaced by the border collie.

The Big Fat Quiz of Everything

Channel 4, 9pm

We saw a pilot version of this in January, and now Jimmy Carr returns for a proper series of the quiz show. Celebrity teams feature the likes of Jonathan Ross, David Mitchell and Claudia Winkleman.

Naked Attraction

Channel 4, 10.30pm

Anna Richardson guides Sapphire, 23, as she tries to pick a partner from six female candidates who are revealed to her one body part at a time. 

One of the revelations of this series has been how the most interesting body part of all is the one that gets revealed last — the face.


Inside The Factory: Bicycles

BBC Two, 9pm

From the MAMIL brigade to the casual commuter, the resurgence of interest in cycling really has been a phenomenon of modern Ireland. 

Other than the most dedicated, however, few of us ever give much thought as to how our bikes are made. 

In tonight’s episode, Gregg Wallace joins the manual production line at the Brompton bicycle factory in London, where his own bike becomes one of the 150 that’s made every day. 

He also visits a leather saddlemaker in Birmingham who uses hide from Irish cows, because he says the cold weather ensures they have thicker skins than bovines in other parts of the world. 

There’s also a feature on the dangers of heavy goods vehicles for urban cyclists, and a little bit of history on how the Suffragettes used bikes to gather for their rallies.

Legion Of Christ: Scandal At The Vatican

RTÉ One, 10.40pm

Documentary on the powerful Mexican priest, Marcial Maciel who, even by the standards of Catholic Church scandals, carried out a horrific reign of abuse over many decades. 

A close ally of Pope John Paul II, we hear how Maciel died in 2008 without ever being punished for his actions, despite the Vatican knowing about some of his actions for 35 years.

Exodus: Our Journey To Europe

RTÉ One, 11.40pm

What to watch on TV this week

If you missed the BBC broadcast of this superb series earlier this year, it’s well worth watching or recording over the next three nights on RTÉ. 

Filmed by frontline reporters and refugees, it puts a really personal perspective on the traumatic journeys people are taking across the Sahara and Mediterranean, including through the Eurotunnel.


Great Canal Journeys

Channel 4, 8pm

A new series of the show begins in Venice with an exploration of some of the smaller canals that tourists to the island city don’t get to see.


The Supervet: Bionic Specials

Channel 4, 8pm

More tales from the Irish vet at the cutting edge of animal medicine as he shows how stem cells can be used for pets. A seven-month old dog gets a hole in its shoulder bone repaired, while a border collie is given a chance at avoiding a leg amputation.

Secrets Of A Police Marksman

Channel 4, 10pm

Former policeman Tony Long recently published his autobiography, and in this documentary he sheds more light on his job as a marksman, and his reputation as having the most prolific kill rate in the force. Some of these killings were quite controversial.



RTÉ One, 8pm

There is tension in the air tonight as Shirley gives evidence against Dean in court, and the other residents of Albert Square await the outcome of the trial.

Gardeners’ World

BBC Two, 8.30pm

We’re into mid-August, a time when most birds are finished nesting and many bumblebees are coming to the end of their summer season, so many people’s minds turn towards cutting their hedges. 

Monty Don has advice on how to to it properly in a way that will encourage growth for next year.


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