Entertainment news round-up: Lara rings it on Cannes red carpet

LARA STONE has given a hint that it’s not completely over with husband DAVID WALLIAMS - when she arrived on the Cannes red carpet with her wedding ring firmly on.

The model and the Britain’s Got Talent judge were said to have begun a “a break” in their relationship in early March, living separately and they’ve not been pictured together since. Now Lara has turned up solo on the Cannes red carpet in a shimmering, low-cut metallic gown and she appeared to still have her ring on her finger.

BLUE have said that the Eurovision Song Contest is too political.

The boyband - ANTONY COSTA, DUNCAN JAMES, LEE RYANand SIMON WEBBE - represented the UK at the annual singing competition in 2011, where they finished in 11th place with 100 points.

Duncan said: “I think there’s a lot of politics involved unfortunately. You get certain countries voting for neighbouring countries - the Eastern Bloc... all vote for their neighbouring countries - so it is more of a political contest than voting for the song.

“We found out we would have come fifth in the public vote if it was just a public vote, but we got marked down by the judges.”

Just in case you were wondering, singer SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR is pregnant.

The star took to Twitter to clear up any mystery surrounding her pregnant status, following her appearance at the Lorraine High Street Fashion Awards where she appeared to show a large baby bump.

She wrote: “Hello all. Been finding it a bit nice-but-strange to be congratulated on a pregnancy I haven’t actually announced yet...”

She added: “Mystery solved. Baby in autumn. Lovely! As you were.”

SHIRLEY BASSEY has slammed modern pop stars for being more concerned with flashing the flesh than working on their music.

The 78-year-old singer, whose career has spanned 60 years, said she had been shocked by RIHANNA’s choice of skimpy gown at the Met Ball and thought stars should save their revealing get-ups for the stage.

According to the Daily Mirror, she said: “It’s like they’re all in competition with each other for who can wear the skimpiest outfit. In my day it was for the stage only, you didn’t go out looking like that.

“When I saw the Met Ball, excuse me, when I saw Rihanna’s gown. I think you have to leave some things to the imagination.

Entertainment news round-up: Lara rings it on Cannes red carpet

“Yes, my gowns were sexy, with a cut-out and a slit here, but I didn’t show everything.”

Former JLS star ASTON MERRYGOLD has admitted he is finding it strange working on solo material, without the rest of the band.

The 27-year-old said he still sees the other guys JLS, who split in 2013, every day.

He said: “We’re still a tight family, so it’s lovely.”

But he revealed it was strange working on his own: “It is weird at first... If you’re writing certain lyrics or play a certain note you’re looking for that assurance from the people next to you. You might think it sounds great, and they might think it sounds rubbish.

“But now if I like it, it’s just down to me, which is kind of crazy. The creative stuff is all mine.”




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