The G File

Hakan Nesser
Mantle, £16.99;
ebook, £9.49
Review: Roddy Brooks

Inspector Van Veeteren, Hakan Neesser’s hero of a series of crime novels, should be putting his feet up after decades of service. But one case haunts the determined detective like no other and even retirement can’t keep this dog from its metaphorical bone.

Since they were childhood acquaintances Jaan G Hennan, or G, has dogged the existence of Van Veeteren, confounding the police officer and presenting him with his only unsolved case, a sad epitaph to a distinguished career. But when a development drags Van Veeteren back into the frame alongside his old adversary G, there is an unexpected chance for redemption.

Nesser is widely regarded as the best crime fiction writer in Sweden. Right to the very last word he keeps Van Veeteren fans hooked as The G File reaches its dramatic and stomach-churning conclusion. The journey to that finale is worth every turn of the page.


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