Kids books to look out for

Here’s some newly released books that will appeal to the young book worm.

The Fish in the Bathtub

By Eoin Colfer, illustrated by Peter Bailey (Little Gems €8.80 HB)

Warsaw is a troubled war-torn city of austerity and fear. Little Lucja lives in a flat with her mother and veteran war-battled Grandpa — whose grumpiness doesn’t phase Lucja, who sees the good in everyone. Food is scarce in the city and long lines of people queue in hope that there will be enough food left by the time they reach the shop.

One lucky day, Grandpa arrives home with a fine carp, which he puts into a bath of water for it to grow. Lucja is thrilled with the new ‘pet’ and spends a lot of her time chatting to the new, fishy friend. But what will happen when the time comes for Grandpa to cook the precious carp?

This is a most endearing story about the constraints of war, a garrulous old man, his eight-year-old granddaughter and a carp named Fishy. A delightful little book for age eight and upwards.


By Catherine Doyle (Chicken House €10.05)

Sixteen year-old Sophie Gracewell works as a waitress in a diner she will one day inherit from her father, who is doing time in prison for murder. Her present mentor, Uncle Jack, hightails it out of town when a new family moves into the old and reputedly haunted Priestly mansion.

‘Family’ is the operative word, as Sophie soon realises that this is a hierarchical grouping with values so different from hers. However ,when she is assaulted by a boy she knows, they surprisingly come to the rescue, setting in motion a topsy-turvy relationship where she is unsure who she should trust. With the increasing threat of violence, Sophie realises that the name Gracewell is anathema to the new neighbours, The Falcones, and that somebody must suffer for the wrong done to them.

She is, however, a proactive heroine and rather than accept advice to leave town she persists in her friendship with one of the five brothers, to the dismay of all concerned, especially her staunch friend Millie.

This is a gripping thriller with intense, complex characters, played out in a world where the line between right and wrong becomes less obvious as the story comes to its brilliant conclusion.Suitable for age 14 and upwards.


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