Happy Are The Happy

Yasmina Reza
Harvill Secker, €21.50;
ebook, €11.99
Review: Mary Ann Pickford

This intriguing novel first plunges us into the life of Robert Toscano, a journalist rowing with his wife Odile in the supermarket over which type of cheese to buy.

This may seem trivial but their dialogue soon infers something deeper at play. This is the beauty of Yasmina Reza’s skill. The French playwright has won numerous awards for her witty writing and astute observations of everyday interactions and, in Happy Are The Happy, she strikes again.

Each chapter is the voice of 18 characters who are all interlinked in one way or another, be it through work, as friends, family or even secret lovers. Through snippets of insight and conversation, the depth and complexity of their emotions towards one another is revealed. The end result is a fascinating, yet moving snapshot of the lives of a group of people who are inextricably linked in an intricate web.

As is her trademark, it’s poetically and thoughtfully penned.


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