Childrens’ books: I need a wee!

I Need A Wee! by Sue Hendra (Simon and Schuster; €8.80) Alan the bear whoops with glee when he whooshes down the big helter-skelter.

It’s so much fun he wants to have another go. However, when he joins the long queue, he needs to wee, but is too excited to lose his place in line. The other animals insist that he can leave, but Alan is too immersed in all the wonders of the fair. Can he hold on? Luckily one good little person comes to his aid. A colourful, funny book to share with children aged two to three.

Only Eva by Judi Curtin (O’Brien; €7.99) Eva Gordon loves visiting her fun granny, Gigi, whose offbeat taste in clothes and strange hairdos give her the aura of a 60s hippy. But when she has a bad fall and is taken to a nursing home, she leaves behind her cosy cottage and her much loved doggy companion. Worse is to come when a cranky new supervisor takes over the nursing home.

As if that wasnt enough to worry about, Eva’s new Nigerian friend, Aretta, turns out to be an enigmatic youngster with complex issues to work through.

Childrens’ books: I need a wee!

Trust Eva and her good buddy Ella to set to and hopefully put things right. A funny, endearing, and exciting book for age 10-plus.

Class Act by Debbie Thomas (Mercier; €8.99.) Brian O’Bunion’s life is pretty dull. No friends at school, horrible teachers, and worst of all, an uncommunicative father who still grieves for his recently deceased wife.

Principal teacher Mrs Loretta Florris hates most students but reserves her most sarcastic bile for Brian, seeing him as the ultimate failure.

When students begin to disappear, the town is in turmoil, but ironically it is loser Brian who sets out to solve the mysterious disappearances. In an attempt to feel close to his late mother, Brian had taken her precious engagement ring and so noticed a tiny bee entombed in amber.

When he rubbed the amber it set in train an amazing and at times hilarious adventure with help from a most unusual but lovable source. Great fun for the nine to 12 age group.


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