Children’s books

The Dinosaur That Pooped by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter (Red Fox €17.80)

Little Danny’s best friend is an enormous creature called Dinosaur. 

When they sigh with boredom they go to the Museum and take great delight in all the rockets and spaceships, but when they boldly touch things they shouldn’t, they are zoomed away up into the night sky. 

But worse has to come when Dinosaur gets very hungry. What can he eat in a zooming spaceship! If he interferes with any of the controls it will lead to disaster. 

This is a delightfully funny book which also has an accompanying row of buttons which mimic the sounds of the story both rude and otherwise,which small fingers will be only too willing to press. Age 5+

Hermans Holiday by Tom Percival (Bloomsbury €9.60) 

Herman and his friend Henry are planning their summer holiday, but funds are scarce and they may have to stay home. 

Herman sets out to put things right, but Henry is not so sure – especially when he has to climb mountains and trek across a dodgy rope ladder. When Herman realises his friend’s discomfort he knows exactly what to do. 

Of extra interest are the many postcards written by the friends ,which the young reader can turn over to read their various messages. With bright breezy artwork and excellent characters, and this is a delightful book for Age 6+

All My Secrets by Sophie McKensie (Simon and Schuster €10.90) 

The suspension of disbelief is rather strained at the start of this story. It’s not the fact that Evie Brown inherits 10 million dollars or finds out she is adopted, but that she would unquestioningly trust a newly -found Uncle Gavin and then agree to attend Lightsea, an island that houses troubled teens. 

However, from the time of her arrival at this institute the story takes off, as Evie sizes up her new companions and sets out to unravel the mystery of her past. 

To her amazement the island has some spooky links with her birthmother, a fact that some sinister people don’t wish her to investigate. An atmospheric tale with flawed but interesting characters. Age 12+


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