Books for children by Mary Arrigan

A Hollow In The Hills by Ruth Frances Long  (O Brien, €9.99) 
The Ice Twins by S K Tremayne (HarperCollins, €9.10) 

The second story in this trilogy is again set in two versions of Dublin, one the city of the present day, and the other, Dubh Linn, a city peopled by faes, angels and demons. 

The heroine, Izzy, now knows that she, like her father, is a Grigori, one who must mediate in what is becoming a terrifying pitched battle between forces she barely understands. 

The novel again features her on-off relationship with Jinx, a creature of The Fae, who doesn’t seem to be entirely in control of his own destiny. 

The story, with its multitude of mysterious and eccentric characters, slips with ease between the two Dublins, mixing the teenage protagonists with The Bodach and the Leprechauns.

Though so many characters follow different agendas, the unity of the story is intact as they all eventually thirst for the same thing — power. 

The pace is unremitting in this well-researched amalgam of the modern and the mythical. The ending paves the way for a much anticipated third part of the trilogy. Suitable for age 12 and up.

The Ice Twins by S K Tremayne (HarperCollins, €9.10) 

Books for children by Mary Arrigan

This is a story of a family torn apart by grief, but with each member differently affected. Sarah, the mother, is guilt-ridden, while her husband Angus’s anger threatens to destroy him. 

However, the real problem seems to be surviving identical twin Kirstie, who had witnessed her sister Lydia plunge to her death from a balcony in their house.

Her grief now is channeled into a belief that she is Lydia and she reacts with fury when people don’t accept her as such. 

Her isolation is complete when the now almost penniless family move to a lonely Scottish island where it is impossible for a young outsider to make friends. 

The story moves into horror/ mystery mode when both parents begin to believe they may have been mistaken about which daughter had died.

A chilling story set in atmospheric surroundings with a suitably enigmatic ending. Suitable for age 16 and up.


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