Book review: The Killing Of Bobbi Lomax

We’re into the action from page one in Cal Moriarty’s thriller The Killing Of Bobbi Lomax, as cynical detective Marty Sinclair and his partner Al Alvarez rush to the scene of a bombing.

Cal Moriarty

Faber & Faber, €16.99;

ebook, €8.47

We quickly learn it’s the third in a baffling series of attacks in the mid-American town, with no apparent motive or link between the first victim, pretty teenager Bobbi Lomax, the second who is a middle-aged property developer and the third, a devoutly religious family man dealing in rare books and coins and the only survivor.

Ex-private eye Cal Moriarty keeps the story cracking along, as the police race to find the bomber before they strike again.

The narrative is a little too breathy in places and the detective characters feel stereotypical, with gnarled old-timer and cheerful side-kick, but the Bible-belt setting is interesting and it’s certainly an entertaining read.


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