Book review: The Bee Book

BY now everyone knows that bee populations are declining and that’s a very bad thing. However, did you know there is a bee species that has a tongue twice the length of its body?

DK Books, €21.50.

Or that cuckoo bees survive by worming their way into bumblebee nests, overthrowing the queen and enslaving the inhabitants? Or that bees can produce blue honey?

All these and hundreds more fascinating facts can be found in The Bee Book, so whether you’re a casual admirer or a bee obsessive, there’s lots to learn.

However, this is more than just an entomological encyclopaedia.

The second half of the beautifully illustrated tome details how you can play your part in helping the ailing species by planting appealing plants or making a little house to harbour honeymakers, plus there’s detailed advice, with lots of pictures, on the ins and outs of beekeeping, and the many uses for your eventual honey harvest.


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