Book review: Taking Pity

IN Taking Pity, the fourth novel of the series, former journalist David Mark continues to follow the tortured souls that are DS Aector McAvoy and DS Trish Pharoah.

David Mark

Quercus, £18.99;

ebook, £9.49

Grieving for the loss of his family, his home and his job, McAvoy is missing his wife, who has been hidden away for her safety, and after being caught in a blast he is currently off sick.

Pharoah tasks him with an investigation on behalf of the Home Office looking into a 50-year-old case, which isn’t as straightforward as they first thought. As the Headhunters raise their heads again, DCI Colin Ray is on suspension and wanting revenge.

Unlike many murder mysteries of late, Mark takes you on an emotional journey as the words leap off the page to create a vivid picture worthy of a TV drama.

Perfect for lovers of Scandi-thrillers, with noir elements spread throughout, which only a cultural melting pot like Hull can offer.


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