Book review: Mockingbird Songs

RJ Ellory puts you deep in the heart of Texas in his new crime thriller Mockingbird Songs — a simple backstory is dealt with quickly enough to put you straight into the main plot.

RJ Ellory

Orion, €22.10;

ebook, €14.99

Starting with two men parting ways in prison: one a former Country music star-turned-killer, Evan Riggs, the other his cellmate and main protagonist Henry Quinn.

Quinn and Riggs had become close friends with the seasoned inmate Riggs looking after Quinn.

In repayment for his help, Henry agrees to track down Riggs’ daughter and deliver a letter. This is where the story becomes another American small-town-with-a-secret tale.

Riggs’ daughter is missing and with a whole town, including Riggs’ brother the sheriff, keeping secrets it will be very difficult for Quinn to get to the bottom of her whereabouts.

Ellory’s descriptive prose really draws you in, however, the storyline is a little flat and I was left disappointed.


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