Book review: In The Cold Dark Ground

WHEN a body is found in the woods outside Banff, Scotland, — naked, hands tied behind its back, and a bin bag duct-taped over its head — the major investigation team, led by Logan McRae’s ex-boss DCI Steel, charges up from Aberdeen.

As usual, Steel wants McRae to do her job for her while she takes all the credit, but it’s not going to be easy.

A new superintendent has been brought in over her head, Steel is being investigated by Professional Standards and Hamish Mowat, the godfather of Aberdeen’s criminal underbelly, is on his deathbed. 

Rival gangs are eyeing up his territory, a turf war is about to break out and McRae is caught in the middle.

If you like your crime fiction gritty, unsparing and violent, MacBride is your man. 

He’s an accomplished storyteller and in this, the 10th Logan McRae book, he deftly weaves together seemingly disparate plot strands to create a suspenseful pageturner that will leave you wanting more.

In The Cold Dark Ground

Stuart MacBride

HarperCollins, €22.20; ebook, €13.00


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