Best books for children

The Jungle Book, Mowgli’s Story Reimagined by Robert Hunter (Frances Lincoln €16.60 HB) When Baby Mowgli is kidnapped from his home by Shere Khan, other jungle creatures are horrified by his wicked scheme which breaks the age-old law of the jungle. 

This well-loved account of Mowgli’s upbringing by the other animals is beautifully illustrated by Robert Hunter. Suitable for age six and up.

How To Look After Your Puppy by Helen Piers (Wide Eyed €8.90 HB) This book is for children who are considering buying a dog. 

It doesn’t pull punches — if your dog is going to be alone a lot, then don’t get one. But there is plenty of advice on the most suitable breed, kenneling, food, health and general welfare.

Loads of hints on obedience training, exercise and games out of doors, which are vital ingredients in a dog’s life, though these have to be supported by a programme of grooming and occasional bathing.

Best books for children

Rose In The Blitz by Rebecca Stevens (Chicken House €8.90) This is an interesting time-slip tale as Rose, who is emotionally all-at-sea over her mother’s impending re-marriage, finds herself back in the past in a London under nightly siege from German bombers. 

Her beloved Aunt Cosy, whose mind is beginning to slip, seems to lead her with purpose on this backward journey, so when Rose gets over the initial shock of the time-slip she realises that she is now dealing with younger versions of her own family.

One individual fascinates her — a boyfriend of Aunt Cosy whom she had not even had the chance to kiss during the war before he had mysteriously disappeared.

The atmosphere of terror and the heroism of Londoners is well portrayed, as are the relationships Rose forms in the 1940s. 

When she sees the desolation caused by so much bereavement and loss during the war, especially by Aunt Cosy, Rose begins to wonder has she been too harsh in her assessment of her mother’s man friend. 

The ending, if slightly contrived, rounds off an exciting family saga.

Suitable for age 12 and upwards.


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